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The long & windy road
last modified: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 (3:23:36 AM)
It leads me back to your door.
It's been a long while. I had some personal issues, but don't we all? And even though I know this place does have it's drama, I still love it and this hobby.
Thanks again to those that have welcomed me back in Anime-Beta. I hope I get to know some of the new collectors too. I promise I will not get upset at anybody that outbids me. Let's face it - if I get out bid on one thing, that means I have more money for the next thing!! ;) lol! Over the last few years, I think I learned how to laugh again and where to put my priorities. Granted, I still don't have much money, but I'm working on changing that.

So, as I put in the news section, my short lived new gallery; Okuni's Requiem; is now closed. I would delete it if I knew how. I'm much happier with this gallery...everything works! (i think.)
I do have some stuff to upload. It will be digital photos though. I finally took a sledgehammer to that 3in1. Just hang tight!
re: The long & windy road Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - 8:29:42 AM

Welcome back again! ^.~ I''m looking forward to your coming update. I think you can email a mod to ask them to delete the Okuni''s Requiem gallery. Good luck in dusting this one off and making it exactly what you want. Changing layouts and such is always challenging but also a fun thing. =)

re: The long & windy road Thursday, December 16, 2010 - 5:20:12 PM

Welcome again. And remember, there are two advantages to being the underbidder. First (and most important), it''s a totally free service that you provide to the anime art collecting community. Second, it tells the high bidder, nearly to the cent or yen, exactly what the item is worth. I can''t think of any other system of appraising art that is any more efficient or accurate.

And, yeah, it still hurts. So does life. Welcome back to us.