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Stardate 2081110
last modified: Monday, November 10, 2008 (5:28:02 AM)
just making a blip here.

Last cel I bought was my favoritest SSJ Goku cel.
..which I still need to upload.

Why haven't I?
Two reasons:
1) I am now addicted to facebook. It has become my new best friend. :P (if you care to join me, look for 'regina shumaker'. And mention rubberslug, please.)

2) I am still having "I hate you issues" with our all-in-one. I have gone into full tilt boycotting of using it as a scanner. As a printer, it's okay- BUT THAT'S IT!

So, that's part of my predictamint. Add I can no longer afford even the cheapest cel because of hours cut at work and living expenses, I have basically fell out of the entire loop of any cel going-ons.
And, by golly! Do I miss it!

In case I get busy with other things:
I wish everyone a Happy Turkey day! Enjoy all that stuffing, berries & bird. ^_^

re: Stardate 2081110Monday, November 10, 2008 - 7:18:04 AM

*waves hi*

Good to see a post from you! *hugs*