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Lo! Long time, not say a thing.
last modified: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 (9:33:04 AM)
I have good reasons for lurking-- Really, I do! Anyways,I've been thinking on my position of cel collecting. I still like getting these things, but..I haven't been actively buying for over a year. I still have a few to upload to the site, but (as my previous blog says) I not technically advanced enough for my 3-in-1. -_-;;

One thing for certain- I would like to par down my collection. Here's the list of what will definitely stay:
-Fushigi Yuugi
-Vampire Hunter D
-Animals (new category!)</b></list>
Fan art/cels will also stay up because I have seen some very good work out there.
I'm also keeping a few random cels-My first cel(it's like your fist car) and the shirtless cel in Dragon Knight... mmM, man candy! XD

As for the rest-
It's fair game. I like it, but feel cluttered by it. So, if anyone is <i>interested</i> in it- *hint hint*- an e-mail would be appreciated.

On the upside: I finally have a Roy(FMA) sketch!! And I do mean sketch; I don't think it was used in production even though it is on the studio paper(Bones).
I have also seen another perfect cel. It is expensive, so I really have to consider if I should get it. I really like it, I do have the money for it, I will probably not have this opportunity again for awhile BUT-- I need a better car and my mom & I are considering moving to a better apartment- without my stepfather.
On one hand, I can walk to work from my current house and winter's coming, so do I really want to jeopardize a nicer looking car to the nutties that appear in winter? (And why is it they only <i>really</i> show up then?) As for the apartment dealie, well, that's a tougher decision. I have limited cash; it was a windfall from a scratch ticket but not HUGE.

^_^; I'm feeling like a spoiled brat right now. Because I have that "I want it! IWANTIT!" *with jumping & stomping of feet* brat thing going.
..It would be SOOOO nice to have in my collection, though.

I'm going to think about it more.
re: Lo! Long time, not say a thing.Tuesday, October 09, 2007 - 2:18:19 PM

Hey there!! Good to see you around again, and posting. *hugs*

re: Lo! Long time, not say a thing.Tuesday, October 09, 2007 - 5:44:30 PM

*tackles*hey*lets go*

you come out of hiding more then i do.

re: Lo! Long time, not say a thing.Thursday, October 11, 2007 - 6:27:16 PM

YAY! group hug! ^_^ *hugs back*

to kira- if you mean I show up once about every six months, then yeah..guilty! ^//^