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last modified: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 (7:49:18 AM)
hrmm..Not sure how many here actually know/remember me. A handful? Eh, s'okay. I haven't posted in so long. Mostly because I really haven't had anything going on so interesting to be cel related. Except my brother taking back his scanner. -_-#
I do have a few new pieces to add, but no way to do so. Unless I break into bro's apartment; which I'm sure he wouldn't like.

Well, despite all this, another reason I haven't posted here in a while is because I've been blabbing more here:
and (especially) here:
So, I really don't feel like spouting in this blog. But it's okay because I'm sure some people don't want to hear it.
And a friend gave me a link to crunchyroll.com, so I've been watching lots of anime-- like watch the entire Soul Society arc from Bleach before Cartoon Network airs it. *^__^* AND! I get to watch Blood Brothers *squee!* and Japanese music videos!

As it is the holiday, I should have put up a Christmas wallpaper here but I'm just not in a holiday mood. The year went by too fast and I'm just a little down right now. I feel like I'm in a "Catch 22". I have a -very- low paying job, but feel my car isn't very reliable. This limits me to potential other jobs-- as in: I can only get a job within my town limits, in case the car breaks down. One problem has been fixed; a corrided cable from the battery to the starter, which was causes the durn thing to stall while driving down the street. Now I'm worried it might have a headgasket problem. It's running rough-- not that <i>that's</i> an indication of such a problem. And the car is 16 years old. *sigh* Well, at least I've had it for nearly 2 years now and it does still get me to work.
What makes me the most sad, right now, isn't the stress of Christmas (I've finished my shopping) but that a major wishlist cel has shown up and I don't have the money for it. My collection is small-series wise- as is, so I'm not going to attempt to sell any pieces. The wish cel is $300; I'm not even contacting the seller because I'm not sure when I could possible have the money available. Even if the was a payment plan worked out. Unless I win the lottery...I can pretty much only oogle the online pic of the cel. Then again, I've been having a good year in the lottery. Not so good I'm gonna put my trust in it though! That would be crazy!
How much have I won, you ask? I would say about $500, but it wasn't all at once. It was more like once every three months - and I've already hit on a scratch ticket this month. Maybe I'll try Keno. If I guess 5 numbers out of 20, I win $450; more than enough for my wish.

Good Luck to me, then! *crosses fingers*

One last note: Has anyone decided if they are attending Anime Boston this year?
I will be going at least one day. And I will be dressed as an actually anime character this time! (last year, I kinda half-arsed it) I've decided to go as Kuchiki Byakuya from Bleach. Rukia's stiff, law-abiding brother and captain of the 6th Squad. I'm debating on dying my hair black or simply buying a wig. A wig might be the better idea, but it's always more fun to play around with new hair styles! One thing, though, I'm not sure what exactly those things are in his hair. It kinda looks like tin foil. 0_o

all for now.
re: A Lurker speaksTuesday, December 19, 2006 - 8:59:45 AM

Woo Hoo! You''re still around! (Although I knew that, since I see you on LJ. =P) I''m so sorry about your wishlist. That sux. I hope something very lucky happens, and you''re able to get it. Perhaps your lotto luck will come through for you, after all. If you cosplay at Anime Boston, you''ll have to post pics, so we can see your costume! ^.^

re: A Lurker speaksTuesday, December 19, 2006 - 2:55:01 PM

*tackle glopms*yay you came back*lets go*

i need to watch black blood brothers again. i only got to ep 7 and left off there.

good luck with the lottery idea. you never know you might get that wishlist cel yet.

re: A Lurker speaksTuesday, December 19, 2006 - 6:50:47 PM

I remember yooooooou. Silly! :) It''s great to see you blogging. I know you tend to lurk, but it''s great to know you''re still around. I hope you''re able to get the wishlist. I hate staring at something and knowing I cannot afford it. But don''t give up hope! =) I love the look of your gallery, btw. Hope you have a happy holiday ^_^ and don''t lurk too much! We miss you.

re: A Lurker speaksTuesday, December 19, 2006 - 8:39:48 PM

Awesome to hear from you and I hope you have an awesome Christmas!!

By the way, I lOVE your Live Journal layout with the cat, sooo cool! ^_^