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The List
last modified: Friday, December 30, 2005 (1:40:32 AM)
This year I made it easy for family and friends to buy me a Christmas present by making a list of every anime DVD I own. The list wasn't hard to create since I copied most titles from the digitaleyes.net order history page. I pointed them to this gallery so they could get some visual ideas of what I like, and made a link to the list on my wishlist page.

It worked out great! I like to be surprised but everyone asks me what I want because I'm difficult to buy for. Having the list and gallery, they weren't scared of buying something I already own or don't like. What I got wasn't important, just that everyone had an easy time and enjoyed themselves. The most fun was having people enter my world by looking through the racks at the stores and this site, hopefully getting into anime a bit themselves.
re: The ListFriday, December 30, 2005 - 6:20:58 AM

Cool!! ^_^
Maybe you made some new fans!

I keep getting asked what I want, so this year, I sent a url and emailed the exact things I was interested in, and voila, got ''em! ~_^
heh heh heh

Oh, and I LOVE digitaleyes!!! Awesome place!