My collection so far
last modified: Sunday, April 17, 2005 (12:06:52 AM)
How many pieces do you all have in your collection and how did you get started?

I have been cel collecting now for about 7 months and I think my collection has grown nicely. I had never realized why I was dissatisfied with collecting other mundane items related to Macross until I walked into a cel dealers booth on a whim on the last day of a convention to see if they had anything from Macross. They did and I was blown away by what I saw! I bought my first cel right there on the spot, and with money beyond what I had put away to spend at the convention I might add. And 7 months later the rest is history.

My collection currently contains about 100 pieces not counting cels or douga that are stuck to other items. I was lucky to find 2 lots of multiple items and a fair number of my cels have douga with them. Also in the next few weeks I will be receiving a lot of 15 Macross Zero sketches and a lot containing about 150 Macross Zero storyboards. My next great crusade is to find some original backgrounds from Macross. Not just trees or sky, but something that is immediately recognizable as Macross. I have only ever seen backgrounds like this in a private Japanese collectors website and in an auction that I lost in the last 20 seconds of bidding. I fear this may be a very long quest since there are always considerably fewer backgrounds produced than cels.
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I know this is late, but I wanted to post a comment about your collection. I think it''s very, very nice! It''s truly one of my favorites. Your descriptions are truly amazing and informative. I used to watch Macross/Robotech, but I don''t remember much about it. Reading your detailed descriptions allows me to enjoy the cel as much as you probably do. It''s nice to be able to appreciate the context and sentiment of your collection. Keep up the great work, continue to share your lovely goodies with the rest of us ^_^ One suggestion: put more cels per page. I like to be able to see more at one time. It might also increase your views per cel as well. Just a thought. Love you mooky! ^_^

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Once again nice capture of the DYRL valk "VF-1S Guns Blazing" and SDFM Roy Fokker cel.