Wings of Honneamise
last modified: Saturday, April 16, 2005 (11:49:16 PM)
I am quite surprised that no one else has cels from Wings of Honneamise. Does this show not have a big following? It is one of my favorites and besides for Macross and its derivatives, it is the only other show I will allow myself to collect. Though if the right Akira, Ghost in the Shell or Princess Mononoke cel came along for the right price I might break my own rule. I must admit Honneamise cels are rare and in all my searching through the web, I own all but 4 cels I have ever seen! I made offers on two of the cels that were declined and I am not currently willing to pay the asking price on the other 2 cels because I already own cels from both of those cuts that I payed somewhat less for. I understand that the show had some CG in it so maybe there are not that many cels out there to begin with. At least I was able to get my cels at a reasonable price though.