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A reflection on collecting
last modified: Saturday, January 16, 2010 (10:25:26 PM)
Today I revisited my cel books (so glad I did this, it makes viewing much easier) and was looking through my acquisitions from when I first started until now, and considering those that will be arriving soon. When I first started collecting I didn't even intend to collect, I bought 2 cels, 1 from Sailor Moon and another from A Kite. They were meant just be for the novelty and the second I opened the package I was struck. What I held in my hands was a historical piece of animation, something irreplaceable even by today's modernized animation process. I couldn't believe the work and effort that must have been in each piece. So I ocassionally scoured hoping to find some "reasonable" deals as at the time I couldn't fathom why anyone would spend upwards of 50$ on a cel. So I picked another few here and there, when one day it just happened. Id purchased a Serial Experiments Lain cel for 185$. I had a long period of outrage that I'd let myself spend so much. Id more than tripled my past purchases in a second. But what was done was done and I waited patiently for Lain to arrive. Again, I opened the packagae and all my guilt and anger was gone, she was beautiful, she was art, not just plastic. From there my gallery added pieces, most at deals that were easy on my poor wallet. And then sadly being a student happened, I had to give up about 2-4 cels to keep myself in health and be able to afford my new car and the gas to get to school. I didn't think much of it until the cels were gone. It hurt to have to part with them. But I trekked on and my gallery continued to grow. Out of the blue wishlists I'd never even believed were offered to me. It was incredible, and so was the price. I was going to have to jump all the way into the 250$ for a single cel. But I knew I wanted it, I knew it was worth it. It definitely was, I was beyond impressed. I'd then opened the floodgate to all the beautiful art out there and not being as prudent about price (though I still enjoy a good deal :P). Now I find myself shelling out nearly 1K for 2 pieces and not regretting the desicion (oh how I thank kind souls and payment plans!). So now I'm in the crazy and competitive world of cel collecting and looking back appreciating all I've had the chance to own. And those I will have the chance to in the future. I want to make sure every "newbie" out there knows that just because it seems overwhelming that all the good pieces are owned and you don't have a shot, don't fret, there is always something out there that has yet to be bought or even seen. I recently had the joy of finding a secret cove of cels with shots I didn't believe were available, its all just perserverance and a little bit of luck ;) so to all new and old collectors alike happy hunting! I can't wait to see our galleries continue to expand. :]
re: A reflection on collectingSunday, January 17, 2010 - 6:48:17 AM

Excellent stuff; it''s cool that you''ve really got into this hobby and are still enjoying it to a great extent! I think this interest should come with a warning along the lines of "Enter at your own peril" I don''t think that''s an understatment ;)

re: A reflection on collectingSunday, January 17, 2010 - 4:01:27 PM

You make an interesting point: I don''t know of another hobby where there is the same mix of one-of-a-kind artwork, historical value, and relative affordability. It is really a unique "rush" to find that you own something that you once saw just as an image on a screen. Paradoxically, though, my collecting budget has scaled down as I''ve gotten more experienced. I''m spending less and still having just as much fun. It is amazing to keep looking and find that there''s still very nice stuff going for prices newbies can afford. (Just set a budget and stick to it!)

re: A reflection on collectingSunday, January 17, 2010 - 6:04:21 PM

Isn''t it nice to stop and take a look at where you have come from in this hobby? That''s how it happens: you buy one or two moderately priced cels and before you know it you are dropping $500 - $1000 to get your "fix!" Your collection has really grown since you joined RS and AB - good luck with finding your all of your wishlist in the future!

re: A reflection on collectingSunday, January 17, 2010 - 6:06:08 PM

yay! im so glad your first few years of collecting have been so great for you. ive had quite a few snags along my journey but im still in the game too and looking forward to another great year! ^_^
i aquired my first wishlist last month and hopefully after saving for awhile i will purchase something ive had my eyes on for a long time.

Good luck to both of us! ^_^ I know this will be an interesting year!

re: A reflection on collectingSunday, January 17, 2010 - 6:12:27 PM

Krafty- Thank you! Lol I probably should have added that warning but then again, I''d seen it before I started collecting and I dismissed it, I think it''s something we learn along the way XP

Sensei-Thank you too! It really is so unique and that''s part of the appeal as opposed to my Sailor Moon Memorabilia collection where others have exactly what I have. I''d like to say my budget is going down at some point >< but at the moment as long as I don''t suffer in regular life I think I can be happy. And definitely, there is some wonderful stuff out there! (I definitely agree with trying to set a budget, I used to have one and I still did well on it!)

Toonybabe-It really is, I mean I look at my cels all the time, but last night it really hit me and made me that much happier with where I am. My collection has definitely grown and it''s only going to go up from here :) Thank you for the well wishes!

Thanks to anyone that reads! I''m happy to be able to share in the community :D

re: A reflection on collectingMonday, January 18, 2010 - 1:36:30 AM

Amy-Thank you, and I think we all have our snags (I was worried sick I wouldn''t be able to pull through this last payment plan after a very unlikely series of unfortunate events) but we push past em'' and somehow it always seems worth it. Congratulations on your wishlist item! I know how that feels, and boy is it simply divine. I do hope you get what you''ve had your eyes on ;)

Thanks for the luck, I wish you all the best too! 2010 is definitely going to be a year for the (cel) books :D

re: A reflection on collectingFriday, January 22, 2010 - 9:16:15 AM

Yea, been there...bought my first cel for fun and look where it got me.^_^ It''s been ten yrs and still, I never know what will turn up. There''s nothing quite satisfying as finding and getting a cel you really want.....until the next wishlist comes along hehe

re: A reflection on collectingSunday, January 24, 2010 - 10:19:02 PM

There''s alot that goes into cel collection, it''s not just a hobby; it''s a passion. You (generalizing) have to have a passion for it because once you lose that passion, you end up selling it all. Sometimes, you might regret spending so much money on a cel but other times you wish you could have bidded more on a cel you lost in an auction. Most of the time you''re happy just to reflect on what cels you do have and in awe that you actually have a peice of your favorite anime. That one scene belongs to you and possibly no one else. I never regretted getting into cel collecting starting with that one Makoto Kino (from Sailormoon) cel and one Slayers cel. I specifically started collecting Slayers cels in hope of being able to have a Lord of Nightmares cel and I got more than what I could have possibly imagined. Good luck on your cel collecting journey,