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And we begin again. ... Again.
last modified: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 (8:03:56 AM)
Sooo I've completely nuked my RS blog for a second time. Or maybe it's the third time? I don't remember. All I know is this thing was full of teenage drama and I wanted it to go away. (And I wasn't even a teenager when I wrote it.)

I don't know how much this blog will get use anymore, but it's at least clean enough to post the occasional thought or two again. Hopefully I come up with enough posts to make it look like it's worth having here.
re: And we begin again. ... Again.Monday, March 02, 2015 - 2:39:35 PM

Please do -- and teenage angst is always read with sympathy, even if written by those who have graduated from this category and even if those who read it are geriatric pill-poppers.