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Someone's Out To Get Me...
last modified: Saturday, May 24, 2008 (1:25:59 AM)
...I swear, this month has not been kind to me. First off (and duotrouble can testify of my misery) my new car, a 2001 Mazda 626 was leaking gas profusly. I thought someone was peeing when I filled up my tank! But no, my precious $3.89 gas was coming out, so I call my dad up and tell him what was going on.
Alright, he says, bring it over and I'll look at it.
So I go and he decides to drop the gas tank to see if there's something wrong with the fuel pump. It took us over 2 hours just to get the stupid thing out from under my car's belly. Lo and behold, someone had tampered with it and did not use the correct screws. Hence, the gasket did not seal properly and that's where the gas was sloshing out. So we fix it. Then my dad tips the gas tank on its side just to check if it sealed properly. It did, but there was gas coming out of a hole! So my dad climbs back under my car and says "I can't f**king believe this (pardon my dad's French). They had CUT an opening under the back seat of my car to get better access to my gas pump!!! OMFG!!!
We just had to laugh and take pics. So maybe Carfax will buy my car because these things didn't show up on their report. But nah, I'll keep Millie, Jr.
Then my cat, Scuzmuffin, decides to go out one night and break her leg! So there's $200 there to fix it...
Then I decide to clean my fridge out and give it a good wipe down. No, I had to tear it apart because the previous homeowners decided not to deep clean. I found gunk like no other! I had to CHISEL crap outta it. X(
But on a bright note I got a raise at work!!!

So that's what's up with me. How are you?

re: Someone''s Out To Get Me...Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 4:59:51 AM

0_0, well, I hope that your misery ends there and you had good luck from now on ^_^. Did someone tamper with your car to steal the gas? If so..I hope Karma gets them back!!!
-How ''am I???I did not have anything bad happen, I just heared my doggy crying like a bit*h (''cause she is one ^_~) and it was raining, so now she smells like wet dog -_-. I did twist my ankel, thanks to the freaking mole that lives in my yard
...but I''m glad that at least you where not driving and your car did not stop in traffic, or in the highway...that would be bad...
-good luck and take care

re: Someone''s Out To Get Me...Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 6:39:45 AM

on you car, damn. are you going to get a new one?

aw, i hope your cat is ok now.

that''s great that you got a raise. money makes things better sometime.

re: Someone''s Out To Get Me...Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 7:35:26 AM

I Have heard of people tampering with gas tanks underneath other vehicles more and more these days... it is just a sign of the times to come. Especailly with gas reaching close to $4, some people just cant flat out afford it. Doesn''t mean they need to steal it either though. lol