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Oh the joys of renting!!! :(
last modified: Sunday, February 25, 2007 (12:05:56 AM)
So my husband and I have lived in this duplex for over 8 months. We rent the top, and another couple rents the bottom. It's in a secluded cul-de-sac on the riverside, so it's peaceful and quiet (for the most part). Our landlords have horses and chickens and the neighbors to the south of us have a black lab that barks at all hours of the night.
So we were content - then came the day when our landlord announced that he's selling the house...wait, it gets better.
So, okay, cool. He told the realtor that the next owners can't kick us out until our contract is up - sweet, right?
We've only 3 months left on our contact and we're looking for a new place to live. Our dunderhead of a landlord breached the contract by putting stairs in the duplex, now making it a single house. Now, we knew that he was going to do this, but how he went about it was so asinine it has us seething.
First off, he left the contractors to do it by themselves, after he told us he'd be there to oversee the whole thing. He took off for his grandson's basketball game. He gave THEM the KEY and told them to lock up when they were done. Here is all our personal belongings just ripe for the taking.
Then, we come home to a house filled with sawdust and wood chips. You'd think they'd have sense enough to drape a ratty sheet or plastic over our furniture. The dust can't be good for my piano and printer.
Thirdly, the stairwell isn't secure. All they did was drape a lousy piece of plywood over the opening. Our neighbors wouldn't have a problem coming up into our place, but we know they wouldn't anyway.
But this was the final straw. He's been a knothead before about a myriad of things, but this done it.
There's more to tell, but that's enough for now... *le sigh*