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Fast Food Woes
last modified: Thursday, December 07, 2006 (11:22:25 AM)
This will be one of the more lengthier of my blogs, so once you start reading, you are in for the long haul...

So, I work in the fast food business. Not the most admirable of jobs, but it's a job nonetheless. It helps to put bread on the table and pay the rent. I was very fortunate to get it, as the manager is a real good friend of mine. I walked in to get a bag of ice and walked out with a job!
So I have been working at Taco Time since mid-July. It's been truly great, but as with all things, there are the perks and pitfalls.

Perks include:
Free lunch, 20% discount on food for my family, making new friends, serving others, building confidence, knowing many depend on me to get my job done, and a better sense of responsibilites.

But today's blog is about the not-so-great things that I've been exposed to since working. I have seen people shirtless which should not be running around shirtless, I have cleaned up after people who staunchy refuse to dump their own trash, I have been stuck making extra food because people change their mind on an order after it's already been made, and then of course...

Stupid people in general.

When working the drive-thru window, I get used to the regulars who have special requests, which is okay. But then there are those that make my co-worker, Terri, scream at the top of her lungs and yell MORON!!! for all the world to hear. They are the ones who go 'uhhh...' for five minutes, while I wait there, falling asleep. We've all agreed at work that we should charge everytime someone says that.
And trust me, I KNOW what foods we have and which ones we don't. I HATE when people insist that we have a 7-layer burrito, when we don't. Then they start a mini-argument about how they just ordered one here the other day. Sorry lady, you must have went to another tex-mex joint because we don't got that here.
Then you gotta love the senior citizens. Either they don't speak up loud enough to hear, or they are speaking somewhere else other than in the intercom, where I can hear them best. So I tell them to pull up to the window. Then they tell me, S L O W L Y... what they want.
Good 'ol diesel trucks - we should just ban them from coming thru the drive up. I have to ask them to turn off the engine, but they tell me 'Well we can hear you just fine.' But I can't hear YOU, dumb!#%!!!
But the best, nay the WORST are the cell phone gabbers! Yesterday I was treated to a lovely conversation, after I already told him to order when he was ready. I peeped out the window and sure enough, he was talking on his plastic master. He told me his order and I read it back to him. He had the audacity to tell ME 'Just a minute okay? I'm talking to someone.' Then he tells me to repeat his order AGAIN.

I'm not paid enough to endure this stupidity.

Then you have the just plain rude people that pull up to the window (on their phone), who just hold their money out the window for me to collect. No hi, no eye contact to recognize the fact that I'm there, and no thank you as they pull away, just a stalwart frown and a grunt. So I will post a sign that reads 'If you are irritable, mean or just plain rude, there will be a $10 fee for putting up with you.' Some come back into the store, saying that I got their order wrong, even when I read it back to them. GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION. IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT IF YOU DON'T CORRECT ME WHEN I GOOF UP.
Okay I'm done. I just wish people would have more courtesy, sense, and decency when it came to matters like this. We fast food workers are people too, and we should be shown some respect. If you don't, we'll spit in your nachos.

(I'm not preaching to anyone who reads this, it's just a rant).
re: Fast Food WoesThursday, December 07, 2006 - 11:49:39 AM

I get these people...always US citizens who think that a federal inspection area is a perfect place to gab about who''s a skank. I merely tell them that I refuse to process them until they get off the phone. Most of the times, they do once they get the cold stare. Sometimes, they choose to argue with me. Not like it matters to me...I have seniority in a government job....it''s pretty hard to fire me.

But yeah, I recall dealing with idiots when I worked at retail during the summer/holiday breaks while in college. All those people coming in there on Dec. 24 wondering why we don''t have slippers in their sizes. Perhaps it''s because we did....3 months earlier. This is why I staunchly abdicate that stupid people should not be allowed to procreate.

re: Fast Food WoesThursday, December 07, 2006 - 1:08:10 PM

Heh, heh. I''m not looking forward to heading back to my retail job when school gets out. Do you know how many times I''ve been yelled at for not having gift boxes to give away? It''s Christmas time! *Everyone* wanrs gift boxes. >:(

btw, I mailed out your scanner yesterday. Should be there by Saturday or next Tuesday.

re: Fast Food WoesThursday, December 07, 2006 - 1:38:23 PM

Yeah, some customers just make you want to shake ''em. Any customer service job, especially around this time of the year, really gives you perspective on just how stupid some consumers are. Not all, but that small minority really makes it hard to to look at it as class half empty.
And the cel phone is something I wish had never come about, if I see one more idiot run a stop sign around our local school district, because they were talking on a cell phone...grrrr (the sad part is that they probably won''t stop doing it until something bad happens).
I''d say I hope things get better, but there are always going to be idiot customers so I''ll just wish you several hundred pleasant customers to off set the morons ^_~!

re: Fast Food WoesThursday, December 07, 2006 - 2:00:54 PM

I currently work in retail, but this is my first non-food oriented job, so I know most of your woes. And actually I still deal with a lot of them because I''m still in customer service. x_x Why does the average shopper, whether it''s for food or merchandise, seem to have some sort of high-and-mighty attitude where they think the world owes them a silver platter?

:\Thursday, December 07, 2006 - 2:03:48 PM

People suck. You should totally put a sign on the drive-thru that says: "Please turn off phone before ordering"

Stupid People WoesThursday, December 07, 2006 - 4:06:15 PM

Unfortunately they''re everywhere. T_T
And I''m with Cutie: there should be an intelligence test before being allowed to procreate. <.<
Or at least a Niceness test. If you''re stupid, but at least very nice about it, it''s easier to tolerate. But if you''re stupid and don''t know it, and on top of that think you''re always right.... rar.
Yeah. I had a ten minute argument with someone once at the airport about how check in time was NOT something I had just made up to insult them.