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Yes it's been a while...
last modified: Sunday, March 19, 2006 (12:59:06 AM)
...since I've entered anything into my Weblog, but really! nothing has been happening. I went to the Shane Co. with my fiance today to pick out our wedding rings. I decided to solder on a diamond band to my engagement ring and have that be my wedding ring. Jeff picked out this uber cool titanium band. What sucks is that I can't have my ring back until next month, when we can pay off the rest of the amount. Also, my ring needed to have a new head put on and cleaned. So I am missing my ring and feel oh so naked without it... ^;^;
Celwise - I am expecting MORE Gokudo and a fan cel of Shigure from FB - oh baby can't wait! I know I know...I really need to start saving for my wedding, but I can't help myself!

So what's going on in your world???
re: Yes it''s been a while...Sunday, March 19, 2006 - 10:24:36 AM

Congrats on the upcoming marriage! ^^ I can''t wait to pick out wedding rings, that will be so much fun! Sometimes when I don''t wear my engagement ring (like when I''m doing something that it could easily get snagged on) I feel completely naked without it. It''s like it becomes a part of you. It''s so weird LOL. Congrats on the new cels and congratualations on your upcoming marriage! ^__^

re: Yes it''s been a while...Sunday, March 19, 2006 - 11:08:06 AM

Congradulations! Being married is fun! I know how you feel about the ring LOL I am terrified to hit it on something or snag it so I take off a lot :P Anywho....Congrats and good luck! ^^ -Zunny