Makoto Shinsengumi

Slowly Waking Up
last modified: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 (8:52:37 PM)
I realized it's been a couple of years since I last thought about writing a blog. I've been buying here and there and it's even got to the point where i "forgot" i had money in the 3rd party bidding services and that i forgot what my passwords were here and on AB. I notice there were some new faces but also old names as well. I can't remember when I joined but I think it was about 10 years ago? Don't get me wrong I still visit my gallery on rubberslug, it reminds me of a time when i used to write tons and tons of descriptions on certain cels. My first uploads in RS was actually already deleted so most of my cels that you see here today are re-uploads so some of them have been in my possession for a much longer time than their "Upload Date" may lead one to believe. There's also several cels and sketches that haven't made it into my gallery but I hope to post again. I'm not sure what happened, whether life got in the way and I became out of touch with the hobby, anime, things I used to like. Am I going back into the hobby? I wouldn't say I left but I wouldn't say i'm the same collector as before. There are pieces in my gallery that I'd be willing to let go these days but still some things I don't think i'll ever let go. I guess this is just the new state of my hobbies now. I've been video gaming a lot lately (past year), but I consider that as just an addition to what I do, not a replacement to this wonderful world of collecting what we love. Maybe I will post up some of my older non-published acquisition, not much i haven't been collecting a lot. I can't even guarantee I'll post more to the blog or the forums or be active... But one thing has remained about how I feel and I'm feeling it right now, I miss collecting Saitou cels. I want a Saitou cel. Anybody got a Saitou cel from RK? Ah I must be definitely be waking up...
re: Slowly Waking UpTuesday, May 30, 2017 - 7:01:14 PM

Glad to read your blog post Kizu! It has been ages. We also forgot we left monies with a third party proxy service. Funny how easily it can happen. Much like you we visit RS and our upload dates are largely wrong so we just check our spreadsheet for more details. And like you we have cels that still have not been uploaded that are older. We encourage you to keep uploading. Doing so may remind you how much you enjoy the specific artwork too! :) Although we do not collect Saitou cels we certainly can relate with the passion you feel and applaud your dedication. After all these years there really are not many active collectors who existed before the Animanga''s forum flame wars. So keep on sharing if you don''t mind, some of us keep reading your posts and enjoy visiting your gallery. Cheers!

re: Slowly Waking UpFriday, February 23, 2018 - 7:28:25 PM

I contacted you on Beta if you wouldn''t mind checking. We traded three years ago