Makoto Shinsengumi

See Saw
last modified: Sunday, December 02, 2012 (2:28:53 PM)
You know there's been several times I've thought of liquidating my collection since my personal circumstances has been changing quite a bit, for good or bad. I thought to myself maybe I'll sell my collection little by little and then thought to myself if only someone would buy it all in one go, then quitting would be easier. Actually I think I've added quite a bit of treasures to my collection lately and quite a few of them not online yet. I've been very happy with where this collection went but at times I do wonder what will I do with all of it and since I'm a bit honest with loved ones about my hobby... They all have their opinions and mostly not about how my hobby helps me but how it tends to hold me back. They think I should keep on focusing on what's real, not some weird fetish or collecting garbage. On one hand it is I suppose some sort of fetish, on one hand it is also studio garbage. But then you know... Some of my pretties I worked really hard for and I was really happy with them. In fact some of them I really thought I'd never ever own... Like for example one of my wishlist was artwork from Hanada Shonen-shi... Probably an obscure anime because it was never licensed and it was dropped by fansubbers twice. But there were a few shows that really mean a lot to me and this one was right up there with Rurouni Kenshin. I looked for artwork for 3 straight years starting in 2006 but saw nothing, so I gave up but would look once in a while but never daily. Now all of a sudden after 6-7 years I find it, sure it's a few doodles and not a lot or even that pretty. I wish it was that pretty because the anime won the Tokyo Anime festival back in it's heyday. But I'm happy to have it... Actually I cried when I remembered how wonderful that show was at that time in my life. But I don't think anyone will ever understand that. In fact I'm sure I'll be continously told to sell my collection. Well I would if I could and I can't if I had to always put my gallery up for sale and think about each individual piece and how much each meant. That's impossible. But as I said, maybe the process would be so much more easier and so much more simpler if I sold my entire collection in one go... But then again who would pay for my collection, it's a small fortune financially and don't even ask about what it's sentimental value is.... LOL. So I guess I get to keep it after all.