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last modified: Thursday, April 21, 2011 (2:49:32 AM)
Ah I can’t wait to work on my gallery again. I haven’t had time to really update with my new acquisitions nor fix all the thumbnails or add my old artwork. I changed job twice the past year and it’s only now that I’m getting some free time... Well not actually I won’t get time until mid-May which is sad. Everytime I look at my gallery all I can think of is, I got to work on it.

The good news is I do have some new artwork to post up and included in that is truly a holy grail cel that I’ve worked so hard to get for the past six months. I really can’t wait to see it come in this May. Yes it’s a Saitou cel but it’s truly a keeper. It’s not on my wishlist because quite frankly I just didn’t think it would ever come into my hands but don't be mistaken I have -dreamed- about this cel more than once. But through the help of some generous parties who located the cel, gave me some good trade value and negotiated a price scheme I can manage, the cel is just waiting for my very last payment. Had it been any other circumstance I don’t think it would’ve been possible, but somehow the stars aligned and I took the chance because it was once in a lifetime for me. I think you’ll see what I mean once I post it up. It’s truly a gem!

Speaking of Saitou cels and generous people, I do have a Saitou cel coming in this week. It’s not so much a head turner (it’s quite ordinary and maybe no one will understand my excitement for it) but it’s a very special cel to me. I guess once I post up the description of that cel things will make a lot more sense. I just can’t help but talk about these two cels as I’m so excited to get them. It’s been a long time since I felt this way about a purchase. So rest assured there is going to be a very long fangirl rambling along with it.

I also got a couple of sequence mates for some of the Saitou cels I own. I used to have a rule that due to the price of this character I would stay away from sequence mates but one of them was just bundled with something I wanted to buy. The other one was offered to me for sale by a friend and the other one was a much nicer sequence mate than what I had and for the price it was offered to me, I couldn't pass it up. Funny thing is each one of those sequence mates I still get a thrill from. I did ponder the consequences of getting them, after all they still cost a fair amount of money, plus I considered Sensei's paper wherein there seems to be some attrition needed to be made to the collecting community if the act of certain acquisitions are considered selfish. But really when I think about it, I and two of my friends are probably the only ones who really would want Saitou cels. Besides if others really wanted them I'm sure they would've gotten them before I did except maybe one which was directly offered to me. I don't know... I just love buying Saitou cels. It's truly like a drug to me... LOL.

That’s not to say that my other purchases lately, haven’t given me any joy. They have in fact and I look forward to uploading them but the scale is just too different compared to those two that I can’t wait to put up. I’m always satisfied with anything Shinsengumi after all and all of them save for one was Shinsengumi related.

Which brings me to a final point. I’ve collected many artwork over the years (quite a few of them not uploaded anymore but I suppose I will upload them again soon), and I realize it might be time to do a massive culling of my collection from other series. Mostly to bring my collection to a lot more focus and to recuperate some cost. They’re probably better off with other owners who may well feel like I usually do when I get a nice RK, Saitou or Shinsengumi artwork in. It’s not that I don’t like them anymore, in fact I plan to keep my favorites but I need to start really putting a wall up between what truly has moved me (and continues to do so) versus ones that only moved me during the time. I think all cel collectors get like that at various points, we all go
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we all go through I must “have” that because it’s from a show I liked or it’s a character I liked. Sometimes you don’t know how much “staying” power something has until you’ve owned it for quite some time. So it’s probably time to let some of them go. Don’t get to excited though my main collection isn’t going anywhere, it’s just going to get a lot more refined. Well provided I can find decent homes for the rest.

Which reminds me, a friend used to joke that I shouldn’t flood the auction/sale sites with Saitou cels otherwise I won’t recuperate my cost and drive all the prices down. I still laugh when I think of those comments. I mean why would I ever sell them? They go to the grave with me, well no, they go to the next best person who manages to survive me. Isn’t that what he told Kenshin? The winner is the one who stays alive. LOL...

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Glad to see you updating KIZU! Definitely can relate on the culling and clean up. Pictures Mahoro moving around frantically cleaning. :P Again, great to see you posting again.