Makoto Shinsengumi

last modified: Saturday, February 27, 2010 (12:05:05 PM)
It's amazing what one little email inquiry sets off. I've been a restless collector lately and so was trying my luck contacting sources I've bought from in the past. Typically the past two years when I did this I don't really get anywhere, initially I did but you know how it is, sources dry up. It's the nature of collecting unique artwork. But eventhough I've not been that succesful, once in a while I do get something very good out of it. It's kind of like a job hunt out of the 20 applications you send in, only one gets you a phone screening and if you're lucky they might ask you to interview. I still believe cel collecting is a game of numbers, the number of times you look in the usual places, the number of emails you send out to old acquaintances or to prospects and of course the final deciding factor, the price (or maybe even how sellers perceive that you really love a certain series or at the very least, that character from the series). I'm going a little off topic here but with regards to selling, when I sell something myself, all things being equal I would readily sell to someone who I know loves the series or character as much as I do. I don't tell the buyer this but since I do pay attention to other collectors who collects similar things, if I visited and enjoyed their gallery quite a bit, if that person came up as one of the buyers (most things being equal) there's more motivation for me to sell to this person. I might not even wait for the highest offer because it makes me feel good to know that my cels are going to someone who potentially will love it more than I do. Besides its my own way of discretely showing appreciation for their own collection. On the flip side I would much rather sell a cel to a stranger or blackhole collector, even at a lower price if I don't have much respect for the behavior of a potential buyer even if they did have a great collection or seem to like collecting the same things. I'm sure this sounds rather unfair to some but like it or not personal preferences come into play when you're dealing with something you are quite attached to. Most of the time however, I don't have to deal with making these types of comparisons, either because the offer difference is large enough or my collection doesn't really garner a lot of attention that I'd have this kind of situation happen all that often... But anyway back to the topic... Yes I've sent one email for any one cel... That one cel turned to two.. then to three and then six... I'm sure you get the idea. Oh such a long drought for me but it does make things taste so much more sweeter... That is when I'm not complaining. LOL.
re: MultiplicityMonday, March 01, 2010 - 3:06:38 PM

Could not agree with you more KIZU! Definitely prefer to selling our cels to strangers we know will appreciate the series/characters more. It is odd but sometimes it is nice to know people will cherish the cels and give them a new home. And hopefully they will proudly display the cel here on RS too! So on that note, thanks again for Claudia and Roy! =)

Oh yes we definitely agree about reconnecting with other collectors b/c sometimes their priorities do change! Absolutely true and sometimes we experience GOOD CEL KARMA and a collector changes their mind and wants to sell a cel we treasure! How awesome is that?! =)