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Shut up.
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Honestly... I don't visit the communities as much anymore and really when I do there's always something to roll my eyes over at. It seems to get worse as each year passes. I still remember a friend telling me that the cel community isn't really a friendly nor happy group of people (which I took with a grain of salt, see for yourself philosophy) and yeah when I look back at some of the "public" history in animaga and AB, I can't deny that. There's just so many drama king and queens and "experts" everywhere. It's a huge turn off even for someone like me who don't really come around to be part of the community anymore. Before I used to visit with excitement and eagerness, now I dread coming just coz I know there's probably some new dumb sh*t I have to see again. I wish everyone would just get over themselves (and shut up). Of course I'm sure there's some out there who would passionately defend their position or even the community, even probably reply here... *shrugs* The best answer anyone can give is to act like -decent- human beings (stop being rude and stop being so sensitive). Now I will stop talking and let people get on with the drama that they love so much... Probably much more than their cels. And yes I'll shut up too since I am well aware of the irony.
re: Shut up.Sunday, January 17, 2010 - 6:55:06 AM

*ha ha* Nice one. You have to bear in mind that creative people tend to have large egos because we''re all competing to have the best artwork, as such this can lead to tension on the forums, especially if comments are taken to heart when they should be shrugged off or merely laughed at. Humour can go a long way, it''s sometimes best to make light of many situations, just grin and nod and continue with your own thing. You won''t be friends with the 1000+ RS/Anime Beta members anyway so stick with the people you do get along with and enjoy your hobby.

re: Shut up.Sunday, January 17, 2010 - 11:35:47 AM

I agree with Krafty! Just enjoy the hobby! ^_^

Nah, keep talking. You gotta point.Sunday, January 17, 2010 - 3:51:12 PM

I think this mainly relates to a couple of threads on AB and frankly just a couple of relatively new participants who just don''t understand the meaning of "just can it." I''ve taken to clicking off the "watch this topic" for all threads on which I comment and let the circus go on unobserved. There are always drama clowns in every group you hang with; but why let them spoil something you find enjoyable? Just hang with people who share your values, and let the asses bray on unobserved. (BTW: I like your Genshiken sketches! Sure wish there was more of this art around.)

re: Shut up.Monday, January 18, 2010 - 11:47:32 AM

Hiya KIZU! =) We definitely concur with how you feel and your ideas on many levels. There certainly can be quite a bit of drama in our hobby. *lol!*

Still over the years we consider ourselves fortunate to develop good friends in our very small community. This and the joy our collection gives us, keeps us active even though it seems we are surrounded by "noise". Keep your chin up KIZU you have a FABULOUS collection and it is always refreshing to hear from you. Cheers! =)

re: Shut up.Monday, January 18, 2010 - 11:50:45 AM

I think I like Krafty''s comment that you won''t be friends with 1000 forum members, too. It is true. Also pretty much any time you have an opinion, even if it seems like an innocent one to someone else somewhere it will be genuinely offensive from the perspective of their situation.

I kind of think it''s good to bring up that not everyone will agree with something particularly when there''s a lot of people making out that it''s common opinion or fact when it isn''t. But at the same time, that feels like commenting just for the purposes of being contradictory, which makes me feel a bit lame. I also tend to notice things more when I disagree with them, and don''t always care as much about the rest of the time. That makes me feel bad, and I can''t help but think I might come across with a rather severe or stern personality due to responding about those things sometimes. I think that ''pet peeves'' thread was a good idea despite the bad feelings it may have churned up for some people- really, it was an opportunity for people to reflect about what minor things irritated them and to go all out to town on it in the right space, without coming to blows. I think for some people, you don''t realise how irritating some things actually are to you until you get a chance to explore people''s opinions in a thread like that. One of the reasons for having any of those grievances at all is from having to watch and listen to people make those complaints for years (even if you''re trying to purposely avoid looking, chances are you''ll catch some of the drama and know what kinds of themes are going on), and being mildly irritated by some things but never enough to comment and so you bite your lip over it for a while. I think the thread gave everyone who wanted to a voice, so you have the opportunity to say, "Well actually I''ve never agreed with this thing and find it a bit offensive". At the same time it seems a bit pathetic to be peeved by petty stuff like this in the first place, like

re: Shut up.Monday, January 18, 2010 - 11:51:57 AM

At the same time it seems a bit pathetic to be peeved by petty stuff like this in the first place, like you say, which was one of my own ''pet peeves'' lol. And yet... we still have those opinions, or make those ''expert'' comments from time to time. Human flaw...

One of the strangest things to come out of that thread and others to me though is the vaguely reactionary posts and blogs to comments made in it since then. I could be reading into it, but lots of people seem subtly uneasy now since certain points were made, as though unsure. I don''t think that every point made in that thread was necessarily a challenge to people or to the community to ''shape up''... I don''t think it really called for things to change to please everyone, necessarily. I know there''s people who like things the way they are. I mean, I think I mentioned something about Beta and RS, or the western cel collecting world in general not necessarily having to be the centre of the cel universe. I didn''t mean that I thought these sites should be doing more to reach out to non-english speaking countries further afield, or that they weren''t themselves valuable services in the world. I hope no-one took it that way. I just meant more that Beta/RS isn''t every cel collector out there, and that those that aren''t Beta/RS are valid, too. Whether that means online somewhere else in another language, where you possibly won''t easily see them, to not online at all.

I think a lot of the time you know it''s good to stay out of things with everyone else, but sometimes you want a say. That''s why you have a blog, or a forum account or whatever and post occassionally. Although, most people have their own perspective on what''s "rude", and an opinion might sound "sensitive" to others when it isn''t meant to be a big deal and isn''t really to the person it came from. I''ve been told I was trying to start a war with someone once or twice when all I meant to do was poke a bit of fun cheekily- even afterwards adm

re: Shut up.Monday, January 18, 2010 - 11:54:43 AM

Holy heck that was so long it cut me off twice o.o. I think I should just take your advice and ''shut up'' myself, now ^^;

re: Shut up.Monday, January 18, 2010 - 9:06:51 PM

Nice to hear from everyone. I think most have valid points although I''m not here to validate or invalidate anything. It is a matter of different values like was mentioned and I could keep to myself which I do most of the time. But for me just because something is "expected" doesn''t mean it''s right nor good. I simply wanted to say that it''s annoying to see the drama so much lately and I still maintain the position that a community can thrive with less nonsense and probably should be nurtured that way. With many other people that has rescinded or feel that need to rescind from the community, I don''t think it can be said definitively that such expected things are healthy for the hobby. Things being the way they are, I don''t consider it my calling to improve/safeguard the hobby although in a perfect world I probably would like to but I am a pragmatic person whose idealist side comes out once in a while. Simply I''m just complaining in this blog, so thank you for lending an ear.

Kata I''ve not responded to your email. I apologize but I will once I''m done with a transition that probably puts me on edge right now. LOL.

re: Shut up.Friday, January 22, 2010 - 8:51:50 AM

A lil'' late on this one. Take a cue from Saito...he''d give them all the finger ^_~

re: Shut up.Saturday, January 23, 2010 - 9:24:31 PM

Thanks Cordelia. I think I''d be so much better of if I was like that guy... LOL. Maybe that''s why I''m a fan.