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It's an odd thing...
last modified: Thursday, November 19, 2009 (8:09:47 PM)
It's been over 3 years since I started collecting. I didn't even notice my anniversary came to pass already... LOL. Not because of lack of interest in collecting but that collecting has become a very "personal" thing for me. I don't think of what the community nor what the outside world is doing anymore and it gives an odd sense of freedom and clarity. I'm not saying I've become a blackhole nor a hermit, I just don't feel it's necessary to be involved for me to be able to enjoy the hobby. Oh once in a blue moon I'll post or something and for the most part I reply to fellow collectors who send me messages... but that's about it and I'm more happy with what I'm doing (or not doing) now. I must admit, it's tempting to follow the latest trend or be influenced by what the rest of the community thinks but in my case, it's best I just collect for the sake of collecting. I'm not saying a community is a bad thing, actually I've had a good experience overall but I've been happier being a loner than being "actively" involved. For the most part perhaps the best thing I've learned about this collecting journey is to collect for yourself and think about what you truly desire. Sometimes when faced with many choices and opinions and trying to make informed decisions, too much information is simply just that... Too much information. I think everyone's mileage my vary and perhaps it really depends on what a person's end purposes are. My purpose is one thing only and it may sound rather selfish or arrogant or ignorant... But it's not to build friendships, connections, investments, popularity, control, influence, nor even authority and connoisseurship... It's very odd but I just don't care about those things in relation to my collecting activity. I think they'll exist if they are truly meant to exist... What I -do- care about is having a collection that has deep personal meaning, where each piece is there because I -wanted- it to be there. Do I need to be an active part of the community to do such things? Personal experience tells me it's really not necessary, although it probably helps to have a circle of connections and collectors to gain a slight advantage depending on what one collects. But for my purposes I've not needed that but I've made unlikely connections and friends along the way whom I am thankful for. Luck I guess plays a part. But it's only by being alone do I truly realize what I want out of this hobby. Odd I know.
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*ms amy gazes up in awe* wow! teach me to be like you, Sensei! :D
no, seriously, i do wish i was more like you. im well, i let myself get influenced way too much by trends and such. im JUST NOW after about two years of collecting, starting to get into my stride (really knowing what i want and really sticking to it). all i have to do is learn to not be swayed by wanting to impress others by my "awesome" collection and just enjoy what i have. i do really enjoy connecting with other collectors, though. i just have to remind myself that they like me for me, not my collection. >_<
cheers! :)

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Hey it took 3 years of misteps and probably more misteps to get to where I''d like to be. As for connecting and friends, that''s exactly what I mean, if it''s meant to exists it will. I think it''s better that way anyway. Good luck with collecting!

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Knowing what you really want and what matters to you absolutely creates clarity! Completely agree more with your wonderful ideas. We have been doing the same thing for awhile now for precisely the same reasons. Would also add collecting has always been a highly personal and private love affair. Simply put, "...[collecting] for yourself and[thinking] about what you truly desire." One thing never quite understood is how some care what others think about their gallery. Cel collecting is as we both agree deeply personal and not a popularity or trend hobby. After all,isn''t it true no one else actually pays the bills for our collecting habits? So then why should their opinions of what we collect remotely matter? Never quite understood that aspect of the collecting mindset.

Also, totally relate to what you wrote here, "What I -do- care about is having a collection that has deep personal meaning, where each piece is there because I -wanted- it to be there. Do I need to be an active part of the community to do such things? Personal experience tells me it''s really not necessary..." So absolutely true, actually love the RS community more than the AnimeBeta community b/c this is where you see the actually cel goodies all around the world! How awesome is that? =) This is where the meat of our hobby is preserved for all to enjoy.

So guess what? You are not the lone odd ball KIZU, welcome to the club! *calls dibs on CFO position!*

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Wow.. I''m really surprised that a few of you have had similar thoughts. It''s oddly comforting to know. Happy collecting!

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Yeah, it''s in the end a very personal thing, though the effort that you and others take to put it online and spend time curating and annotating the collection make it also deeply public as well. But ... yeah ... I would be bothered when I''d spend an especially long time planning and uploading a big update, then put the announcements up, read the kudos from the same 3 good friends, and then feel the silence close in. I even got to the point that I would update, put a note to that effect in the News & Updates column, and then call it good.

And the cel awards contests were even more discouraging: I''d submit what I thought were my best, and not only would I come up empty, but the ones I voted for would also lose, and the winners were from popular series that I had little interest in collecting.

But, admit it, 20K hits isn''t exactly a hermit''s domain (and I''m inching up on 60K.) We really are making a splash in the world in general, and probably doing so by being who we are as individuals, and not being part of a tightly self-monitoring pack of clones. So I too feel as if I am doing what I really choose to do, and yet little by little influencing the collecting/cybergallery world. And so are you, my friend. Here''s to three more years, and three more, and three more and ...