Makoto Shinsengumi

New way of doing things...
last modified: Monday, March 23, 2009 (9:58:36 AM)
Well I got a new scanner. My old canon one is still working but the hinge broke off... It's really not a big deal but the office depot in my neighborhood went under and they had a close-out sale. I really like this new scanner it's a canoscan lide 200, apparently it's more "green". It's very small and thin but my most favorite feature (aside form the improved hinge) is that it doesn't use an AC adapter. It gets it from the USB! I know I know... That's not such a huge deal either but to me who's always running out of place to plug things, this is a very welcome change. I still have to fine-tune the colors however since I'm not exactly happy yet with the gamma but that just goes with any new scanners. It took me a while to get my older scanner up to speed. LOL.

Well with the new scanner, I thought I'd try something a little different in my gallery. As usual I'm never content with how my cels are presented... I contantly swing from them wanting to be all pretty and them being "cel-like". Well I think I found a compromise! Lookie here and click one of the robots. It's probably going to involve more work but I've been wanting to rescan my cels without bgs anyway plus it's time to examine how they're holding up fading wise (not that there's much I can do about that). Anyway, most of the cels are hidden from now until I can get them all updated like that. ^__^