Makoto Shinsengumi

Looking for a storage solution
last modified: Saturday, February 21, 2009 (2:10:44 PM)
Alright... I'm quite happy storing my cels on toploaders/sideloaders... The only problem now is that I can't store them like I used to vertically like I would when using scrapbooks or itoya portfolios T__T

Anyway so I'm thinking of a flat file storage solution but I don't really want a flat file cabinet because it is so immobile aside from expensive! I don't really have that much room either... I was thinking of these SAFCO drawing portfolios... The 32x24 one seems to be a good sized for a 4 way partition (my toploaders are 12x14.5 and 10x12.75

Has anyone ever used them? Anyone have any thoughts? They're large and stackable and mobile. Not that I plan to move my stuff around so much...

Oh and I found out that the 9x12 celbooks I couldn't use before are perfect for some sketches (not the very rough ones however those seem to be printed on non-standard size). I'm happy about that however since now I look at my sketches more often.

Ehhh... This storage stuff is hard. >.<