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Storage and waiting
last modified: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 (11:58:43 PM)
Well I had a visitor so I was distracted and didn't blog. Lately I've found a different way to archive my cels! I'm now using top loaders for really special ones. I'm a hands on kind of person and I felt that celbooks were probably harming my cels more than them being in a top loader and being looked at... So yeah I ordered around 50 top loaders for my favorite ones. Actually it's kind of cool to be able to touch your cel that way. The ones without a sketch was really even better because they were see through. I have a weird thing about the paints at the back, I like to look at them. How messy they are! LOL. I also re-bagged all my cels and moved some of my sketches to unused itoya books. In total I used up all 500 bags and probably need 100 more. >.< But I'm happy (I think) at the outcome. With all these re-archiving, it really made me think about which pieces I like the best, naturally they are the ones that got the extra special treatment. It also made me think about how it's important to streamline my collection. I mean it's true I don't love all my cels equally,there are some series/characters I love more than the rest. And when you're talking about spending lots of money keeping them safe and clean, well then one doesn't really have a choice but to move carefully going forwards.

This reminds me, it's been a while since I updated. I'm missing it. Lately I've been very picky as to what I buy which I think is a really good thing! My dream cels are still out of reach but eventually I'll find a way. LOL. Which brings me to my next topic... I am anxiously waiting for a dream cel to arrive. I've paid for it I think two weeks ago so I'm really hoping to see it soon. You know how it is when you just really can't wait to see something special in person. It's something that I've had my heart set on for a couple of years so.... And it's special because it's filling a very important part of my collection. It's something that if I stopped collecting now, I can say that my collection has outdone my expectations (at least for that part of my gallery). I can finally stop whining about not having "it". LOL. Sorry I'm being all mysterious here but surely those who follow my collection knows that it's missing something vitally important. Besides I gave up going to vacation just for this very very special cel so I wish I could share it soon. I really do wish that. *crosses fingers*
re: Storage and waitingThursday, December 11, 2008 - 9:32:14 PM

On behalf of your cels and sketches, thanks so much for caring. It''s disturbing to hear of collections that end up like Smaug''s dragon wallow, something to get but not to appreciate. I hope your dream cel comes to you soon, but of course a watched mailbox never fills up.

re: Storage and waitingFriday, December 12, 2008 - 6:22:10 PM

Hi Sensei! Hmmm... Although I''ve not heard of how others treat their collection, I have on occasion received a poorly treated cel. I''d like to think that cels residing in my home are well cared for, at least from that point on. I am experiencing the curse of the mailbox... It is taking forever to arrive and the tracking has decided to not update. *sigh* Thank you for stopping by.