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Need your help! Not on cels!
last modified: Friday, June 20, 2008 (1:42:07 AM)
Ms. Tejada is an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Canada. After working there for years under Canada's Live-in Caregiver Program which grants her permanent residency in Canada, she recently found out that she had stage 4 lung cancer (like my uncle who died recently). She is being deported on August 8 due to a medical officer stressing that she is a burden to Canada's healthcare system. Many Filipinos go to other countries legally to work to provide better lives for their families. My father did so ever since I was born and I am doing the same at this time in the USA and so are a lot of my friends and family spread all over the world which is why this case caught my eye.

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Please help support Ms. Tejada's wish to live and die in Canada and to allow her family to be with her and get a better life by first reading her full story and then by signing this petition . Thank you very much.