Makoto Shinsengumi

It's been a while!
last modified: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 (1:02:13 AM)
Ah well I was playing around with my other website too much and I guess I kind of broke some things... LOL. Lucky for my RS gallery tho, my second major RK update hit it first. I think this update was more of a quantity update, although I must say that most of the cels are pretty. Well that's coming from me and you can never trust what -I- say about -my- cels. LOL! Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed my updates. It was hard passing up cel after cel after cel that came up on auction for RK since November when I started updating and paying stuff off, but I'm happy with how things turned out from then till now. To the people who e-mailed me, I appreciate you taking the time to look and let me know. Anyway, I'm afraid I only have one major RK wishlist coming hopefully in a week or two and maybe a new series to add *grin*. Trust me my wishlist cel has quite a story behind it that I'm sure to tell to any who will listen! After that I'm afraid it will be quite dry, unless I stumble on something that moves me to move my wallet. How hard can that be? *laughs nervously* Oh I do have a box in Japan but that will be a while before I request shipping.

Anyway I've been contemplating opening my gallery fully again in RS and off-RS. But I don't really know, I seem to swing from one end to another, guess I'm just moody. LOL. I'll figure it out later, or have someone else figure it out for me. LOL. Till I figure it out, I hope you'll bear with my poor site management and update skills. *scratches head* Ah well enough of my blathering. Oh and aside from RK, I got a very nice Erika cel from Daimos and Voltes cel. :) Yes I know... Nobody knows about them and the series is obscure in the USA, but I still love them no matter what.