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Your cels are my cels... *grin*
last modified: Monday, October 22, 2007 (2:48:32 AM)
Long time no blog or has it? Hehe. I thought I'd give people an update on how my collection is going. Yes I know I only post my newest acquisitions then hide it later when they're not new. Since I've been asked where the rest are, I got my own website you know so that's where I keep them public. I figured, many people already have much nicer cels of the more popular series so I'll just display the closest series to my heart (which happens to be a no-name) here so that they get the proper attention (in my imagination at least) and update when I get new cels in from other series. Ah well... Don't forget to check out my Voltes V and Daimos cels. They are LOVE! ROFL!

Anyway I finally got my hands of some Get Backers artwork! It's still up if you want to see it (otherwise you have to go to my slow as molasses website). X-D I even made a color one of ban from the douga! Took me forever. LOL. Now I just really want an Akabane, the sketches I got didn't have him. *cry* But I did get some nice sketches though! And there are some copy layouts that I plan to put up -someday-.

The year is coming to an end... It's almost November! But I think I can squeeze in some Rurouni Kenshin updates. I just bought a Saitou cel from Remi... Yeah the one that's been on hold FOREVER! Woo hoo! I am so happy! Hopefully he comes soon and I can bore you all with my long comments on him. I've always wanted a bridge cel and it's the nicest looking one I've seen yet... Finally it's coming and it's a beauty I tell ya! How many times have I made that image an icon... *falls over laughing*

Fine I'll stop talking about the old geezer... What else? Hmmm I'm paying off a rather large RK purchase too. This time it will probably be more on the quantity side, although I must say they are all beautiful. I won't spoil it but I can say sometime at the end of November I'll have something to show. I'm just too excited so I'm mentioning it. I can't help it you know. I got to stay excited about it (got to finish paying for it)! There are at least 4 wishlist cels in that. None of Mibu wolf though, well not exactly (LOL)... don't know though if I'll have them all in November since there is supposed to be two shipments. Maybe I shouldn't even talk about them, after all I'm still paying it off. BAD KIZU!

That said, there's not much else in between. I never got an answer for a Soujirou that I've been eyeing so I guess that's a goner. Hopefully something in my price range comes up someday. I've also been after another Saitou for over a year... And I am not kidding... I finally located the owner and after a month of negotiation or rather waiting, it fell through. At least I got a promise out of the person. So I am hopeful... I'm not a very patient person but this hobby is teaching me that (quite harshly I might add). Well you know you lose some you win some. Someday I hope to win again. Hehehe! Hopefully in time before New Years. I want to update with him in it coz you know it's my favorite characters birthday or at least Watsuki says so. ^__^ Oh geez I've gone back to talking about him! BAD KIZU!

Moving on...

My friend also got a wishlist. I'm so happy for her. We spent hours shrieking on the phone when she got her answer. And I sang the following song...

"Your cels are my cels... My cels is my cels... From blah blah blah blah to the Japanese Islands... From Atlanta to Chi--caaaa--go... Your cels are meant to be with me."

Okay... I should stop now... I admit that was kind of cheesy! I think it's getting late... I have work tomorrow!

*smile people* and happy hunting!