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Peek a booooo!!!
last modified: Sunday, July 22, 2007 (1:21:04 AM)
You know it's really none of my business what people do with their cels... I know this but there is a nagging question in the back of my mind that I thought would just die but hasn't yet so I guess I should go ahead and ask. For those who keep an online gallery, which in essence is available to the "public", why hide certain cels like those rare, expensive or just plain beautiful ones? I think I can understand the blackhole collector, I mean them I don't even expect to see anything of theirs and that's fine because it is "blackhole". However it seems highly contradictory for someone who does have an online gallery and yet choses to hide what they or others would consider a great or valuable cel. I do remember reading that some precious stone collectors only show their best pieces in their gallery which were -never- for sale, while the lesser ones in quality they do not display but do sell. I was thinking something similar would be at work with regards to cel collectors but it seems quite the opposite? There has been some old post in the various cel communities about wanting not to receive "non-serious" offers which is why this occurs but I don't know... I can't really believe collectors receive so much ridiculous offers that it's enough to drive one insane or to drive them to hide things from their gallery. I also heard about the competition factor, that it raises prices up etc. etc. but in my experience, I've actually saved *cough I'm using that term loosely* money because it's so obvious what I collect. I get so much help from other collectors both Japanese and others in the cel community. So that reason doesn't really make sense to me neither. Of course I'm talking only about non-Japanese here since I do kind of understand why the Japanese hide their cels... But for a non-Japanese, in a non-Japanese cel community it's weird, albeit fascinating or perhaps I'm just begging the question. Ah well... I can think of an answer but it's not very pretty and I'd rather things be pretty. LOL.
re: Peek a booooo!!!Sunday, July 22, 2007 - 1:37:35 AM

I''ve thought of the same thing sometimes...why have an online gallery if you''re not showing it...Unless its simply an easier way for the person to look at their cels rather then taking them out.

To be honest I rarely look at my actual cels and sketches. I usually just go through them in my gallery.

So maybe thats why. I think its fun to show off new cels and sketches, isnt that part of the reason to buy them :) But private galleries are the owners choice, and if they are private or hidden, I guess we will never see them.

Just my 2 cents ;)

re: Peek a booooo!!!Sunday, July 22, 2007 - 1:49:47 AM

Thanks Eddie. I thought I was the only one wondering these things. LOL. I do agree it''s the owners choice. I use my gallery for the same purpose which is why nothing is ever hidden in my off-RS gallery. I do keep this one though to show off cels that I''d like to show to the casual RS browser who doesn''t want to go visit elsewhere. One thing I want to make clear though is I''m not actually complaining even if my posts may seem like it, but it is an enigma right now to me as to why. Although I also think the community would do better with collectors showing off their finest pieces as it would raise interest and appreciation. I remember a journal post a few weeks ago citing they were surprised at how other people who lost an auction actually appreciates, the winner showing the cel in their gallery.

re: Peek a booooo!!!Sunday, July 22, 2007 - 2:31:26 AM

Perhaps to keep jealous feelings away? I know some collectors compete tooth and nail to get cels not just off auction sites, but from dealers as well. Some people ask dealers to look for certain high-end stuff for them, and to prevent others from complaining to the dealer that so-and-so got something that they want, the collector might not show it online.

re: Peek a booooo!!!Sunday, July 22, 2007 - 8:21:40 AM

That''s something interesting to think about...I only opened my gallery so I could go "look at my pretties, aren''t they pretty?" Not to rub them in people''s faces, but I don''t really have a lot of "rare" cels anyway but just because I like looking at other people''s cels and I hope other people like looking at mine too! Maybe it''s the thing about people asking to buy them...I rarely get people asking to buy my cels (usually the other way around, which is fine by me!) so I can only imagine how irritating that would get after a while. And I am a naive happy little thing, so I have a hard time understanding the "jealousy" thing as well, but I can sort of see how that would happen too.
Hmm...I am not sure I understand the reference as to why Japanese will want to hide their cels as opposed to non-Japanese, am I missing something?
So yes...long story short, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments!

re: Peek a booooo!!!Sunday, July 22, 2007 - 1:41:58 PM

I''ve heard that some cels are never displayed because the seller told them not to, for reasons they have never explained to me and leave me baffled :x

As for myself, most of my cels are displayed, because nothing (at least in my opinion) is terribly rare (even if they are, why not anyway?). I have never received threats, and cel offers are not common. I do not display my cels to gloat, or rub in what I have. A few cels I have that are not displayed, are really rather lousy that I don''t feel like showing (or don''t want to get attached to), and that''s the only reason.

I also use my gallery as reference, because I rarely take them out to look at them physically.