Makoto Shinsengumi

I'm celebrating... Somewhat...
last modified: Saturday, March 17, 2007 (2:36:23 PM)
Hmmm the other day I got promoted. Yes yes... I know I've been complaining and moaning of work stuff for the past who knows when. Well I finally got the guts the other night to state exactly what I want and you know what, it wasn't such a disaster as I thought it would be. I'll leave out the details of what transpired, suffice it to say that I'm just waiting for my business cards to be delivered next week. Heh I know it's kind of shallow to be all happy about that but hey, I busted my ass off and as a friend told me in this country sometimes you have to look out for yourself and demand for things. it's weird coz from where I came from you do the exact opposite.

Anyway to celebrate, I bought a couple of cels to start off a series that I've been wanting too for a long long time but never could because of well money constraints and I couldn't find the character I wanted to start off with at a price I can live with. Yes yes... I'm cheap I can't help it!

As for updates, I do have some cels still laying around but I've been busy and anxiously waiting for others to arrive. When they do i'll just lump it all up one of these nights or not. I have a tendency to update once I get cels in after all, well not when it's part of a lot and I'm really just interested in certain cels. Oh well maybe I'll work a little tonight in this gallery. But right now I have some smoked milkfish that needs my "attention". Cheers!

p.s. I broke my keyboard last week and got this crappy crappy ultra-cheap keyboard knowing i'll break it again... So... Please let the various grammar errors in this post and future posts passs (sic). ;P