Makoto Shinsengumi

To Keep to the Bright Side
last modified: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 (5:58:00 PM)
Ah my patience is very short today... Actually it's been like that the past week maybe two. Mostly it stems from work related issues which of course I won't discuss here. Suffice it to say that I'm contemplating a lot of things right now about my future. Heck I'll be 30 next year and maybe that's part of it... I don't know. Or maybe it's because my parents keep trying to fix me up with a "life-long" partner. OMG... Hello... I'm grown and yeah maybe a bit decrepit but I can decide what I want to do!

Anyway let me try to think of something positive and maybe related to cels... I have a good friend who is keeping me sane right now. That's good for me, but not for her. LOL. I'm not a very good friend so I guess I'm lucky I have a good friend who's willing to hear me whine and complain all day. Or hear me go all fangirly or talk about Shinsengumi stuff. Things that other people won't understand... I mean we all have those friends I think who isn't into anime and just look at us like we're martians.

What else? Last week in my search for cels I surprisingly met a doujin-ka. One who likes to do yaoi and who does my favorite RK yaoi circle "Takarabune". So imagine my surprise as I try to umm make a deal and she comes back and tells me, She's glad I like her work. Oh I don't just -like- her work, I absolutely ADORE it. It was also nice to talk to her about RK and last year's demise of Hirotaka Suzuoki. I did not feel bad at all that we couldn't make any deals. It was like, heck she loves it too and I was just glad about that.

Then I met another RK collector who seems very nice. He had something for me so heck I was very very happy. LOL. It was a little harder to communicate but I think my trusty online translation tools (aka nifty, babelfish, excite and J-Dic) did the trick. So that was good.

Then finally something came out of the blue that made me happy as well... But that I'll leave to when I update my gallery perhaps next week. You know who you are! You wonderful you!

So yeah most of my happiness right now stems from cels... LOL. After losing out on the animegame update, I was a bit bummed... I really needed something to perk me up, but hey I guess that was good too since I got to meet some nifty people. I think I really do like building my collection with the help of private collectors, it's a bit more personal and satisfying.

Finally, I think I'm giving up two series to collect. Not exactly because I don't like them but because i find that i don't like them as much to continue looking for them. The factors are mostly because of availability and the fact that I'm not happy with paying the prices to get more cels of those shows. Plus there are at least two more shows that I feel would make me happier. It's really only after getting a feel for the market that I can accurately say if I'm happy or not. XD