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One day at a time... *edited* LOL
last modified: Monday, March 05, 2007 (9:00:10 PM)
Argh this sucks… So many new cels came up that I really want... but this weekend my laptop blew, my windows cracked, my keyboard said bye bye… Then there’s real life stuff that just seems to knock at the most unexpected times. *sigh* I wish I can stop looking at all those beauties… I wish… Then there’s the others that I save for, just in case… *hangs head*

That is one good thing about this hobby I guess. It forces you to be very careful about where you spend and how much. You never know when a true wishlist might become available and things like that. But on a brighter side, I’ve gotten a hold of how I spend and not have resorted to credit cards or putting bills second. I spend my ummm fun money basically. So I guess that’s nice ne?

Anyway I guess my lappy will be out of commission and I did get a keyboard for my desktop so here I am typing away. I also received very good news today on the work front… What I’ve been dreading will not happen, at least as far as I know so life goes on as usual. I’m just so adverse to change right now, kind of tired of transitions and the like coz it’s been like that the past year or two. It’s a good feeling to wake up and know that things will remain the same. I’m glad… I’m happy. It’s funny coz everytime I think like that I think of this Toyota commercial… LOL...

Anyway some new cels are up... FOR, PMK, SD. I'm kind of pressed for time so I've uploaded only a few. And I changed from itoya books to file totes and cardboard/celbags. It's so much easier to organize now. hehehe and I can hold my cels just like umm I want to. Here is a pic, by the time I'm done re-bagging all my cels I think it will be filled and I'd have to get another one soonish. X-D

Click this for piccie.
re: One day at a time... *edited* LOLMonday, March 05, 2007 - 10:40:45 PM

Great way to store your cels. I think I might have to try that.

re: One day at a time... *edited* LOLTuesday, March 06, 2007 - 1:08:20 AM

Cool. Thanks. So far after ummm going through 3 different storage systems, this work the best for me so far, pricewise and protection wise... Oh yeah also coz I just like to look at the cels too much so itoya wasn''t cutting it for me.