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last modified: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 (1:58:50 AM)
Well I’ve decided to change the way I store my cels –again-. I don’t really know why I’m being so anal about it but I’m not the type of person who puts it in a celbook and never looks at it again. So I’m going for backing boards, cel bags and a hanging file cabinet. I really found;P=6 this post by Roy (backlotanimation)to be very useful as there seems to be many differing opinions on how to store cels, what makes line fade and gases. We’ll see how it goes but I’ve done a couple of them and I am liking it. I would’ve tried the matting instead but I like to see the cel whole. Yes I’m a weirdo who likes a complete view even of the paint edges. LOL.

Anyway with the stuff I’ve been reading in the cel communities lately, I figured it would be much better to turn my attentions to cel care than spend time reading any further. Hell you know, my –wonderful- job is going through another transition that unfortunately affects me quite drastically and I’m stressed out enough so… I think re-bagging, cleaning and storing my cels all in order is just the therapy I need until things settle down a bit, when I can go browse online stuff again that is more fun to read and people at work get their act together. So anyway I don’t plan to update for a while. I have quite a few Genshiken sketches, Recca cels I have to put up and some Slam Dunk, but until I get to the point of getting those ready for repacking, then I doubt I’ll be updating anytime soon. Anyway it’s about time I sat down and do some curating too. Time to spend more time with my lovelies. Peace!

Oh and I was looking up Ted's gallery , he has a wonderful collection of American animation btw... Anyway I saw he post the hit counts of his popular cels. Now as my friend says, "Monkey see, Monkey do"... Here for your enjoyment and curiosity is the details of my top ten cels by hit count. Notice anything weird? Yep baka ookami seems to dominate... I sure hope that's not all me looking.. *laughs*

Kyoto Arc: Saitou Hajime: Glove Bite!

Tsuikohen: Shinsengumi Third Captain

Kyoto Arc: Regain your sanity Saitou

Seisouhen DC: Saitou Profile

Kyoto Arc: Saitou Smokes at Work

Roy and Claudia - Farewell

Seisouhen DC: Saitou Hajime Glare!

Tsuikohen: Toba-Fushimi - Saitou vs Battousai

Awesome Saitou! *Fancel*

Kyoto Arc: The Relentless Wolf of Mibu