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Oh I hate the holidays!!!
last modified: Saturday, February 17, 2007 (1:42:59 PM)
*tick tock* *tick tock* Monday is a holiday... I have to work... Worst the cel won't come today, definitely not Sunday and gah Monday is a holiday... Stupid stupid me... Why can't Tuesday just come??? *cry*

So what's the melodrama about? Well, I have a true and high wishlist cel that’s coming soon. I've shown it to two people already, a good friend and someone who made me so happy recently. Now you two, keep quiet!!! *smirk* I so want to go around places and show it. Not because I want some personal gratification, well maybe just a little (LOL) but because I’m just floored with the cel and how in the world it came to my hands is just unbelievable. Of course it took some work to get but also I think it would have never been possible if I was not lucky. It almost feels kismet really. You know it’s one thing to stumble to a dealers site when they update and find your wishlist cel, it’s also another thing when you see it in someone elses gallery and you make an offer and definitely another when it’s given to you as a gift from a precious someone. But this cel was none of that, it took a bit of sleuthing to find where it truly was, as I first saw it in a foreign general RK website gallery along with other cels that looked “familiar” and then sending out various e-mails and stumbling upon a middle man to get to it and no I’m not talking about a deputy service. Frankly, I had resolved not to overpay for my cels, which is why I do quite a bit of research because you know what’s the point of having a hobby that just makes you broke and worry? Thankfully enough my offer was accepted, eventhough I really thought I didn’t give an offer that was difficult to refuse. I wanted it. I tell you. Wanted and needed it… I knew if it was turned down I would probably regret it for years as some opportunities sometimes just doesn’t come around twice and it took quite a bit of work to find, but a few months after I started collecting I realize I needed to set some limits on myself so I had to pass up on a couple of wishlist as well until I get some big windfall. Anyway the cel is so significant to me and yes it’s a Saito cel but it’s a special one, almost as special as my holy grail and no that’s not just the fangirl in me talking. I’m sure others have seen greater and better cels after all it’s not even been a year since I started collecting, but I’m sure I think once it’s up in my gallery those who love Rurouni Kenshin will understand why this is such a big thing to me. So forgive me if I blog about it right now, I just can’t stand the wait and also the feeling of being so undeserving of such luck. I am in nirvana right now and sitting here looking at the clock and wondering if it will come today or if the wait will be as long as Tuesday. Of course I’m also worried that something might happen and the cel never reaches my hands. Last night and this morning I kept looking for RS backgrounds to use and taking screenshots… I already wrote my description too but ummm it's not turning out so good. I think my excitement is killing it… Argh… I’m hopeless ne?
re: Oh I hate the holidays!!!Monday, February 19, 2007 - 10:17:00 AM

You know I can''t wait for this update (I''m almost excited as you are! ^_~)

I suppose I don''t need to ask, as I''m sure we''ll hear about it...but let us know when it arrives!! ^_^