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Autograph of Nagahama-sensei and more Super Robot ramblings!
last modified: Saturday, January 27, 2007 (11:39:01 AM)
LOL… I won an autograph of Nagahama Tadao!!! It was a bid war but hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just really love the “Romantic Trilogy” of the Super Robot era! Again the Romantic Trilogy is what gave the Robot genre the element of "Human drama" and I think if you consider that Nagahama-sensei also directed "Rose of Versailles" one would understand. ^__^ It’s too bad Nagahama-sensei died quite a while ago but I’m so glad to see that his works are always included in the Shogun Warrior merchandises Super Robot Spirits concerts and games that come out still. It makes me very happy that his works are here to stay even if they’re not as popular in the US. Come to think of it, it’s the same way with Leiji Matsumoto where his die-hard fans are mostly Japanese and a small following in the US. I’ll admit I like old school, space opera, robots that combine, manly tears and honor and all that. X-D It’s something I don’t see much in today’s anime, although I still like modern anime but for a different reason.

I think my forever love will always be these things, by that I mean “Super Robot”. Notice I use the quotation, “Super Robots” are different from “Real Robots” at least back in the old days, the distinction was much more clear where “Super Robots” had super powers and the robot was related to it’s pilot so much so that it represented the pilots ideals i.e. courage, justice, etc. while the “Real Robots” tended to be more militaristic and the robots were more of a tool, not necessarily a representation of the pilot. However as time went on, the boundaries between Super and Real robots diminished and what we see now is a mix like Eva. Super Robot shows have been criticized of their formatting and sometimes monster of the week thing, however I believe if you’ve seen Tadao’s works that can easily be forgiven, actually I don’t notice it that much because of the way it’s integrated in the story. Besides this was the format of most anime back then and not only that but many popular anime even in modern times has done and still do it. Anyway enough of that… If you want to try to see what a Super Robot is and have no idea of Tadao’s works then perhaps some of you may have heard of Mazinger Z or Getter Robo those are also from the “Super Robot” genre.

Anyway I am just happy to get Tadao’s autograph. He died in 1980 so LOL, even if I flew to Japan well… X-D The signature is on a Combattler V pamphlet and if you notice I have no Combattler V cels… That might change very soon. Although I wish to get more of Choudenji Voltes V because that is my all time favorite almost as much as Tosshou Daimos. It’s too bad that cels for Voltes V seems to be quite rare and those that are out there are not the best either in terms of shot or quality. It makes me a little sad that I only have four cels in the past six months or so. But I am very happy with my Daimos collection although it’s still quite lacking. Several weeks ago I saw some beautiful Genga on mandarake with the Bank transformation sheets and a great sketch of Richard and Erika together. I passed on it because the truth is I want cels. I want cels that has survived thirty years… It gives me fascination that those cels fragile as they are survived… So that makes me happy with Daimos, as for Voltes V… Gah I wonder where the cels are or if they were a victim of the horrid “acetate recycling” washing thing. Anyway Combattler V was the first of the romantic trilogy and it seems the cels have survived and I will be picking up my share soon. X-D

Anyway for some retro fun and if you’re feeling for some live performances, why not try youtube and the live versions of the opening of the Super Robots? X-D My favorite singers/performers are Horie Mitsuko (Voltes V – I lost her autograph a few weeks ago *sad*), Isao Sasaki (Yamato- not Super Robot but he’s famous for that, he sang Getter Robo though in the Super Robot Spirits concert!), and the great Ichirou Mizuki!!! (known for the opening of Captain Har