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last modified: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 (4:16:38 AM)
Hmmm cel collecting… How utterly great and utterly disappointing. You know I’ve cooled off in my other hobbies one by force and the other by sheer disappointment. I used to collect doujinshi but because I’ve found an even more expensive hobby, I find that I really can’t keep up both. Oh once in a while if I see a chibi Saitou or Saitou x *insert girl here* or a nicely drawn yaoi doujinshi, I’d buy but that’s been like twice the past five months. I love guilty pleasures but they are at times worrisome. I smoke. Heh and no it’s not because I want to be like wolfie-kun… I’ve smoked for a long time, started back in college. I wanted to quit many times but I’m addicted and yes it’s true I have quite a lot of stress at work. It’s the nature of my job aside from other worries. Any non-smoker can come up to me and easily say, you can quit. Easy for them to say. It’s like telling an overweight person that he or she can lose all the weight they desire by sheer will power. That’s a load of bull too because some do need more than just “discipline”, they need professional help… Same goes with alcoholics. I know this through people I’ve seen go through battles using only sheer will and see them fail over and over again.

Anyway I’m just saying… I found another addiction. How utterly great and utterly disappointing. Yes I repeated myself. Shoot me. Seriously… Shoot me.

There are many things in life more important than the guilty pleasures I find myself addicted to. Case in point, I’ve basically stopped doing any historical research for the Shinsengumi, heck not done anything to my website lately because I’m still recovering from the nonsense that has happened the past few years amongst people I respected in the Shinsengumi community (if there ever was one). I got tired of all the know it alls, especially between the historian, researcher, experts, ardent fans.. You name it… I’ve come across each and every single crap in that side of web. It has pained me to see something that could’ve been great become something mediocre. That’s really what led me to cel collecting… I needed an outlet to get away from any serious historical study and what not. I got tired of people trying to impose their views on others… And replace a fictional character with what’s ordained to be better and more “right” because it was in “history”. Or how one is looked down upon because they are “clueless” and like to indulge in non-serious pursuits. Oh dear lord, I was so –tired-. Get over yourselves, that’s what I thought and walked away did my own thing. *smirk*

Back to cel collecting… Now I’m not naïve enough to believe that communities will always be happy, that everyone will get along, be nice, courteous and respectful. People have differing opinions and experiences leading them to disagree. What I don’t get is… Why can’t people agree to disagree? And why such vehement attitudes? Ethics, courtesy and competitiveness I guess don’t go hand in hand. Someone will always be just a tad jealous of another in this hobby I guess. Someone will be spiteful as well for anothers “ignorance”. It is –disappointing-. Suddenly I find myself back in the old days where fans were looked down upon by self-ordained historical experts.

It will be a sad day when people decide to just enjoy something by themselves. Ah wait, others are already going into hiding or have done so in both hobbies I’ve come to know new and old. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, when it stops being so it might be time to move on. Thankfully enough, I’m very stubborn and like what I do. Yes I’m still having fun thank God. Now onto searching for cels I can afford and not worry about prices beyond my control. Har.
AffordabilityTuesday, January 23, 2007 - 10:44:48 AM

Yeah, it comes down to that - we buy what we can afford in this (and other) hobbies.
Last year, I afforded much. This year? Not so much.
At least not yet.
Eventually though.
I, too, have found another hobby to pour money into: Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.
I now have my perfect Ichigo that I can pick up and hold, and dress, and make photo stories with.
It''s really a blast! ^_^

But yeah, don''t let the know-it-all''s get to you!
Enjoy what you enjoy, and the rest can go hang. ~_^
They''re just jealous you''re enjoying yourself more than they are themselves! ^_^
So have fun, and thumb your nose at them! XD

re: RepetitivenessTuesday, January 23, 2007 - 10:46:55 AM

Why can''t people agree to disagree? I have always wondered this myself.

I have recently been told many have went into hiding, which is quite sad. To have been pressured to leave due to shear pettiness. It kinda worries me, makes me wonder what''s ahead since I just recently decided to share my collection. Where I was silent in collecting for years, I am quite the noob in the community and public. Regardless of what''s to come I will continue to collect as I am glad to hear you will as well.

re: RepetitivenessTuesday, January 23, 2007 - 2:18:31 PM

Leah! Yep, I still envy those Ichigo photos! I''ve been really wanting one of wolfie but eh.. LOL... But yes I''ll still love the plastics! Still love the hunt!

Otakusin - Your gallery is really awesome. I''m glad you started sharing it. I really don''t think it''s doom and gloom, although I do a good job sounding like it. LOL. It''s hard -not- to collect such wonderful things. I think the satisfaction/joy when I look at my cels and others far outweighs the occasional hang ups.