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There’s some very interesting threads about 1000 USD cels over at Beta. I’ve looked at the replies and the cels that fetched these prices and I am just in awe. Personally I’ve never paid more than 1K for a cel since I do have many other RL priorities. I try to get good prices on the cels I aim for, not that I’m stingy but I want to be satisfied with the purchase as well (hmmm maybe I am stingy ne? LOL)… And no offense at all to the people who paid more than 1K for a cel because I know I would pay that much for a cel that I’ve been drooling over if only the owner would sell it. So far I guess I haven’t found a cel except for that one that I’d pay 1K+ and still sleep well at night. But sadly the longer I wait for a cel to turn up, the more impatient I become and the price ceiling just seems to raise itself up or I get less picky. *sigh* I wish I can get a good handle on my collecting because in all honesty not all cels are created equal, even with the series I collect, or –within- the series I collect. And there are some cels that I just cannot miss… Because I remember I was waiting for a certain cel to be delivered one day, and instead a big package came (with more cels) that I was not expecting and the feeling I got was… I was SO disappointed and that moment I knew not all cels are created equal. I was happy with the new batch of cels but in the back of my mind I was still wishing for the other one to have come first.
Not all equal...Friday, December 22, 2006 - 5:47:29 AM

That is so true. ~_^ I, too, have felt that background disappointment at not getting in the one you expected and wanted right now. ^_^;

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That has happened to be as well. Except when the cel I had been waiting for got to me... I almost felt regret for buying it(It was not as beautiful as I thought it was online). I put a nice background with it, and now I love it again. haha

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Regret... Ouch. To be honest I have had that feeling too either on very low cost items or very high cost items. But on very high cost items, the buyers remorse usually goes away after staring at it in person. So the interim where I paid for the cel and the time I have it in my hands is when I feel the most depressed. XD But as I said it tends to go away.

Now there is this one cel that I could''ve bidded on... It would probably be the greatest cel for me but to enter the bidding only I''d need 7000 USD which doesn''t assure i''d win and I know no matter how I try to make excuses that it''s an A1-End cel, OP of my favorite character doing what he does best for fans like me... There is absolutely no way I''d be able to sleep at night considering my finances aren''t in that -league-.

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I actually had a really bad day today, and I fear my writing skills are not quite up to par at the moment. So, I hope this doesn''t come out sounding the wrong way. *crosses fingers*

I think you are right -- not all cels are created equal, so to speak. As you know, since I posted in that thread, I do have a couple of cels that fall into this dubious "honor". But, that doesn''t mean I regularly shell out that much money on a single cel. Actually, the reverse is true -- I seldom spend that high of an amount. And, it takes a lot of consideration on my part before I will spend so much for a cel. Plus, I have to make sure it''s OK with my hubby, since that''s a lot of swag! (LOL)

I guess what I''m trying to say is that anyone might, eventually, find a cel for which they are willing to pay that large of an amount. It just depends on the cel and on the individual collector. Like I said in the Beta thread, the "high dollar" cels I have in my collection were (and are) very much worth it to me. I treasure them beyond anything else in my collection, and feel privileged to own them. ^.^

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Well I hope you are having a better time Tex-chan. Yes I agree that there are some cels that is worth every penny of that 1K. And I think since we''re all in the same hobby we should be able to appreciate those 1K ones or other expensive ones or holy grail cels that others have because I think no one would (or should) spend so much money for something they only have mild affiliation with . So I always like looking at fave cels and holy grails and bank breakers because the stories behind them are usually quite awesome.