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Not a trader… XD
last modified: Sunday, December 17, 2006 (2:09:09 AM)
First let me say that this is not a for sale or for trade post. Got to get that out of the way. LOL. But something interesting came up a few days ago. I was hunting for a cel and came up empty handed but a few had offered very interesting premium cels that I knew eventually I’d want. Of course I’m still holding out for what I’m looking for so I was a bit befuddled and discussed it with someone. Eventually a suggestion was made such that I should go ahead and buy it because then I can go use it to trade. For a moment it sounded like an interesting proposition and in this hobby I do think people buy and sell and trade, just like any collecting hobby. But when I really thought about it, I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a cel I can hopefully trade even if I’m pretty sure I can find someone. I dunno, it didn’t feel right to deprive someone else of getting a possible dream cel just because I can use it as barter money later on. Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve gotten that cel for myself eventually but at the moment what I really want isn’t that cel. So I ended up not getting it because it didn’t seem right to do so.

Anyway I know people do this in collecting, buy something to trade for something else they want. I’ve seen a gallery that flatly states this too. Don’t ask which it is please… Sometimes I wonder if I’m stupid for not thinking like that or grabbing those “opportunities”. I work in a trading firm and I think my concept of buying and selling or bartering is pretty good but I don’t apply them to cels because let’s face it, collecting is subjective. My buying habits aren’t guided by anything logical or strategic, unless of course we’re talking about auctions. Auctions are fair game to me. I wouldn’t feel bad about besting someone in an auction (in any manner) of something I really want. Now if I was to win an auction with the motive of reselling or trading the cel from the get go, then I think that would make one a jerk wouldn’t it? So I guess what I mean is, I don’t like to buy cels that I know from the very start will just be used as a bartering tool. Of course I entertain the notion of trading but that’s afterwards when I grow disenchanted or find something better. It certainly isn't a reason for me to buy.

But you know maybe there is a thing as cel karma. LOL. Because a few days after this event and decided not to get the cel for bartering purposes, someone did a VERY NICE THING for me. Thanks Kata.
re: Not a trader… XDSunday, December 17, 2006 - 11:01:32 AM

I think you did right for it''s quite hard to judge what another might consider that sell worth. This hobby is quite subjective to the whims of everyone. What one may be willing to spend $500.00 for may only be worth $200.00 to another collector yet may be a wishlist item for another. Unless you have a solid deal with someone over a trade I myself would pass like you did. I have seen some offer "I''ll trade you this cel you want if you buy for me this cel from X dealer". In truth it comes down to how well you know the person. I have seen problems in the cel community pop up when such transactions have gone bad.

re: Not a trader… XDSunday, December 17, 2006 - 1:21:52 PM

Thanks JWR. It''s good to know that my judgment hasn''t failed me yet. For the most part it''s been very lucky to be not involved in complicated transactions. It''s been smooth and enjoyable perchance a little frustrating as I''m not a very patient person. XD

re: Not a trader… XDMonday, December 18, 2006 - 4:12:02 PM

I''ve recently experienced this exact situation and suffice to say, unless you really need the monies asap, I would not discount the cel you purchased for less than 30% what you paid. Furthermore, unless the person is someone you know or know someone can vouch for I would seriously reconsider.

Someone in the international cel community offered to trade w/me a bunch of lowend cels from series I expressed interest in for my high end cel. However, some problem arose as I saw it, specifically:

1) Failure to disclose they did NOT own and/or possess ANY of cels they were offering.
2) Refusal to list a price they were looking to trade value. i.e. my cel was over $800 but the cels they were offering weren''t even worth half.

Furthermore, all but one cel being offering had a price which I KNEW b/c the cels were listed on a dealer''s site! The offeror refused to disclose this information even though as we all know most dealers list their prices!

3) Offering for trade value cels that they considered high end but any reputable cel dealer would not consider even mid. Thus, a huge disagreement on the actual value of the cels they were offering vs. what mine was worth.

Due to the perceived value of the my cel vs. what she offered, I informed them they needed to make a monetary offer as well. When I broke it down even further with how much their cels were actually worth, they responded that is not something they do or think people even do when it comes to cel trading. Riiight. In over a decade worth of trading and buying, very few collectors and/or dealers will do one-to-one trades without an added trade or cash incentive. This was something the offeror clearly did not understand and it showed they were relatively inexperienced.

In the end I decided against trading completely, the stress and dealing with someone whom I considered to have poor cel etiquette (ie not dislosing they do NOT own the cels) just is NOT cool.