Makoto Shinsengumi

A few updates and thoughts
last modified: Thursday, November 09, 2006 (2:36:09 AM)
Well I just spoke about Voltes V earlier and I’m glad to finally have another cel of that show to share with people. A wonderful cel of Prince Heinell. I don’t remember who I was bidding against but I guess the DVD release is bringing back nostalgic feelings to some other Voltes V fans. I don’t mind really although I think my wallet is poking me. LOL. I’m just really happy about this cel because I think it’s one of those characters that taught me early on not to blindly label those who looked like a baddy as “baddies”. You know like how we sometimes associate black with evil and white with good. Or horns with the devil and wings with angels… LOL… Prince Heinell came first before Prince Ulrich of Daimos so the credit of complex villain in retro anime goes to him. LOL. It’s kind of funny because I have a sneaking feeling that the reason I like some of the anti-heroes I do now probably stems from these two characters. I like the good guys but I like hard to read anti-heroes a lot more. Makes sense because I did update with Sagara Sanosuke and while he was a “baddie” in RK in the beginning, I really loved him because he had similar qualities… Of course Sanosuke after settling his issues became one of the good guys and sadly my attachment to him went away and settled on Saitou who is hard to read as heck. But I do think that in the anime Sanosuke pretty much took a back-seat and just became the side-kick, losing a bit of that character development I liked. Even the bit of Sano maturing by the end of the Kyoto arc didn’t bring back the “fire” I had for the guy. Although I must say Saito doesn’t have that much of character development to start with but he does make my head spin with all the Shinsengumi and Battousai bits, plus he’s not one of those characters that you can take face value eventhough it may seem he’s a bit pigeon viewed.

Anyway now on to the good guy/gal, I did update with Karen from B’t X and Kurama from YYH. I don’t have much to say about Karen, it’s not that I don’t like her but she’s pretty straight forward and I guess I remember B’t X for other things. *cough* Fou for one… and Hokuto and Ron… Okay fine so I’m a bit all about the guys. Hey I’m a girl. *hint hint* Kurama though is completely different for me. I like Kurama not because he’s the bishie in YYH and I didn’t buy the cel for it’s bishie qualities. I think that’s pretty obvious. Ah but Kurama is one of the “nice” guys, well not in his Youko form… LOL. I just thought that cel reminded me so much of why I like Kurama… He has such a soft side to him… LOL…

That said, although I think the updates are pretty good IMHO, I did have to pass up on a couple of very nice cels. I’m really not used to passing up on something I like, coming from doujinshi collecting to cel collecting is a big leap for me and I realize quickly that I cannot do what I do in doujinshi otherwise I’d be financially irresponsible. I’ve set a budget now for myself although I must say I still SPLURGE on this one character. *kicks ookami-sama but quickly runs to hug him*

The anime-beta awards are coming up… I think I’ll sit it out and just vote this year. I realize I buy cels not for their visual beauty but the personal feeling I get from them so unfortunately I don’t think any of them would do well in a visual contest. I’ll just hug my cels to death and drool on them some more. That is, if they ever leave my dark and temperate closet. X-D