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last modified: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 (5:52:57 PM)
One of the cels I have is of Voltes V. I plan to collect what I can from this series as I love it VERY MUCH. It is my FIRST anime love and I love it as a whole, the characters, the story and plot even yes the art which is so retro. I remember when I was maybe five I memorized the lyrics of the opening and ending without understanding any of it. The opening was easy as it was catchy and every kid on the block knows it. We’d all hold hands together and “volt-in”. Sound kind of cheesy? Hell no. It’s what kids do, pretend they are their favorite character. But what I really loved about Voltes V was surprisingly the ending song which I never heard in English until a few years back. Of course I never finished the show until more than ten years passed but that ending song “stuck” and I remember singing it a lot and the adults would go “What’s that?”. LOL. I loved how it sounded and always kind of thought that the song was about being reunited. I only guessed that though with the characters in the closing song looking like they were thinking of something (someone) and of course in the end it shows them running towards someone. I guess that had a lot of effect on me because I did miss my dad and as I look at it now, it even makes much more sense to myself because I now work far away from the people I grew up with. But anyway the song itself is so wonderful that even if it wasn’t about that, I think it can still be appreciated.

Below is the ending video to Voltes V. ^__^***

Here is the translation

Here is the full song (don’t mean to direct link but it’s in a page with many links so…)

And this is Ivan Chen’s wonderful site to Voltes V where I found the above stuff