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Working for Cels
last modified: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 (11:58:52 PM)
The past few days I've been working like crazy... Covering for several different people, coming in at weird times, blah blah. It's kind of funny because for today what got me through was joking about, "I need money for cels so I'll put up with this." Frankly I just wanted to go home earlier after working an extended shift but my boss gave me dagger looks when I implied that I might not make the "social gathering" tonight. Basically it's just more networking and drinking and blah blah. I really didn't want to go coz I'm exhausted and have another early day ahead. Plus I was kind of thinking a cel might be waiting for me (which is was btw). Ah well I did what I had to and went with the boss and now I dunno, I can barely stay awake and my Inu cels are there unscanned and just staring at me and getting no love for the moment. But eh, I did get a good look at them before collapsing on the sofa -again- and falling asleep for a few hours. Now I need to go prepare for tomorrow... Must work for those cels... Which btw soonish I'll have another special one (I think). Whee... Wolfie... *flops on bed*
re: Working for CelsThursday, November 02, 2006 - 8:00:58 AM

Yup. The one thing that''s motivating me to get a job is the ability to get more cels/sketches. ~_^
Hey, whatever motivates us, right? XD

re: Working for CelsThursday, November 02, 2006 - 4:31:46 PM

Ouch! My sympathies... if you can pay yourself first and put some of your hard earned monies to work for you. Start small if it is hard and/or if you have other financial responsiblities, if you need more info feel free to email. Now rest up you are working too hard.

re: Working for CelsThursday, November 02, 2006 - 6:33:43 PM

Leah - Ditto! When I really think about it, no work equals no play. LOL...

mahoro - It''s quite alright. It''s just really another day for me but I thought it was rather funny the other day when I kept saying to a friend that I''m working for cels... LOL. On another note yes paying my self goes first ;)