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CG.. What to get? Hmmm...
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Well there’s a ton of CG shows I’d love to collect from but unfortunately I’m not a big fan of sketches whether they be layout, genga or douga. Nothing against the others who collect these, I really do like to look at them in other people’s galleries but I just don’t think I’d shell out money to collect them like I do for a production cel, especially the more popular ones like Bleach. I was thinking of going rilezu but it’s just not the same either especially since they’re usually 200-400 dollars a pop. It’s just so sad I can’t figure out what to collect that would remind me of a show, like for example Galaxy Railways. I’m thinking of just going for the settei and save my money for production cels but I’m not sure how high my tolerance is for buying copies, as most of what I’m seeing right now seems to be that. Plus a lot of the settei seems to now be printed on artbooks. I’ve also looked at storyboards like the one’s for RK and if I can barely see the figures I’m not too excited by it either. If I was going for a sketch of some sort I’d prefer a layout involving a scene I like or a character I love, but the price and getting just the right one would probably lead me more dissatisfied in the end.

*sigh* I think I’ll just go with the settei, they’re relatively cheaper especially the copy ones and the sets usually contain most of the major characters, items and settings. Perhaps instead of buying rilezu I’d just learn to make a fancel from the settei that I do buy. It’s definitely not the same but then again at least I won’t be paying a lot for something that would probably leave me “lacking”. Maybe with settei I’ll even learn to draw. LOL… Which reminds me so far I’ve ended up empty handed with my search for Voltron cels.. But there is a settei I can try to get my hands on. Hmm…. *sigh* Ah well off to bed.
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Everybody collects differently. I have a friend that doesn''t care for sketches either that much so instead only buy Rilezu. My friend also isn''t a fan of reproduction cels. It''s kind of strange listening to her, but in way she makes sense, too. As long as you enjoy collecting what you collect that''s what''s important.

Also I wanted to say that Bleach does not have Rilezu, it has only Reproduction cels. There is a difference between Rilezu and Reproduction cels.

Good luck in figuring out what you will enjoy to collect. ^_^

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Thanks Kata. I guess the only problem I am having at the moment is with regards to CG I have no idea yet which would be more enjoyable and I''m not sure that buying things to test it out is something I''d want to do yet considering I still have a very long production cel wishlist. :(

Ah and sorry about Bleach, my wording/grammar wasn''t clear. When I said getting rilezu I was just speaking in general but you bring up a good point for one I''m not much into reproduction cels either and would prefer rilezu but for something like Bleach where none is available... *sigh* Which is why I''m thinking of settei.

Thank you for your input. :) By the way if you are "kata" from Katana''s edge.... I should just go ahead and say I admire your gallery very very much.

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If you not sure what or which series to collect from the CG series don''t collect it yet till you know for sure. You can always just keep an eye on auctions and sale sites and go from there.
I collect from cel and cg anime and I enjoy both. I buy cels, sketches, rilezu and reproduction cels. But to me it depends on which series. Like a cel anime I try to avoid buying sketches from (that were seperated from the cels) and rather buy cels and hope for getting the original sketches with the cels of course, but go only if the cel is with the sketch or other way around of course. CG anime I buy the production sketches, but sometimes depending on which anime I do buy Reproduction cels and also Rilezu if I like the anime a lot OR if no production sketches are available then I settle with some of the repros or rilezu until I can find production sketches from these anime. Since nowadays all is CG and depends on which studio releases it, the sketches are a lot of times distroyed, which is sad. Sometimes some make it out and get sold online, but that''s another story.

I like a lot of anime, but I only collect from my main series that I told myself to collect from. That''s with older and newer anime. If I was going to collect from all the anime that I love I would be living on the street in the end, because I can''t afford all the series I want to collect from. I had to sit down and think and make my mind up which series I enjoy the most and which can I afford.
For instance I would love to collect from Ghost in the Shell and from Gunm, but the cels are just way to expensive in my eyes. Yes Kenshin cels are also expensive, but I can live with that. LOL ^^;;;

Just try to find your anime you want to collect from, if you want to first try to find the production cels of the series you enjoyed most then search for those first and then later on try to find production sketches of the CG series you enjoy. It''s all up to you what you decide. You might find soon that you want to go

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continue of cut off:

ahead and buy a few sketch sets. Just remember "sets" are much nicer to own and not split up sets. The complete sets are the best and a lot more worth in the eye of a collector.

No problem about Bleach. It can be confusing at times with reproduction cels and rilezu cels, but both are totally different. I do enjoy collecting both.
I''m not much of a setting collector. I do occationally buy some, especially when the company releases a booklet of the settings. If you search around you can find booklets of the settings that are leased officially in Japan for collectors and fans to buy. They go around $25 each and have almost everything of the settings inside them.
I prefer those more then the copies that are being sold. Now if they were original settings I would go for them of course.
I am not so sure about bleach though if they made any of the booklets for that one. Sorry!

Yeah I''m Kata from Katana''s Edge Anime cel Gallery. Thank you for your kind words ^_^

I hope that wasn''t too much information and hope it''s easy to understand. ^^;;;

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I don''t think I''ve ever seen Kata post so much before! O.o hehe. I don''t collect from CGI series, typically. I just haven''t found much to tickle my fancy. Some of the post production cels are quite expensive (the ones I''m half way interested in are $400 a pop). Settei are quite cool and they make for interesting reference in art projects. It can sometimes be easier to justify buying 200 sheets for $50.

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Kata –

Oh I know which series to collect from I’m really just not sure “what” item I should collect from them ^__^

And it sad to hear that even the sketches are destroyed. I heard before that cels too were destroyed by the animation company but didn’t know that it extended to sketches as well. And last night I followed your advise and wrote down all the series I liked and started deleting… Ehhehehe now it’s narrowed to around 6 CG anime, some of which are expensive which is so not cool. LOL…. But my priority is cels so when it comes down to it, there’s where my money will go. And I’ll try to find sets, I like them better too. Even in cel anime, I see a lot of cels without the sketch or rather, I see people selling the sketch and cel separately, I think this is a very SAD occurance, so yes I think sketch sets would be better because I like stuff that are complete.

Oh so setting booklets are better than the studio copies? I thought it was the other way around! One of the reasons I was hesitant to buy settei is because they do get released in booklets/artbooks so I wasn’t sure of the value of collecting them if they are by the released by the hundreds… But some of the CG shows I like I have not seen production sketches for, only settei… And those with production sketches are either very popular anime with high price tags or high competition.. I guess I shall have to think about it more.

Oh goodie. I’m glad I remembered. I think I saw someone mention you on anime-beta.

No it wasn’t too much it was good info to know! Thank you.

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Welcome consumer

Ehehehe… This is the first time I talk to kata so I’m greatful. But yes that is one reason why I’m interested in settei they are more affordable and more accessible, but I am not sure yet I guess since I’m not sure if that makes for good collectibility. I’m one of those people that likes to own something unique. But settei is really nice at least the ones I’ve seen.

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Lets see how to explain it with the settings. Most of the ones you find online are copies and not really made by the studio itself. I mean the copies weren''t made by the studio itself. So they copies of copies.
Reason I personally don''t like to collect them and rather then skip them unless they very cheap under $50 nomore then that and also buy the booklets. Like wolf''s rain and Avenger I got the booklets of those and same with some others, but anyway they are same as the copies you find split up online sometimes. At least my booklet was offically released and not a copy of a copy. If that makes sense.
I also have settings from several anime like for instance from Gad guard a copy set which supposenly came directly from the studio, but again how do I really know that? That''s the reason I rather like the originals then the copies.
Now only way you know for sure they from studio is if you get them from the studio or few years ago when some were released and sold and are on completely different type of paper. If you get something that looks like printing paper that is regular european size or US size how do you know it''s directly from studio copied? Unless you just into having it for the art style of that particullar anime (which reason is why I do sometimes buy mine) what is the use of spending a fortune on copies?
Save the money then for the original production art or collect from another series that you enjoy and want to collect from that do have original production art out there.

I''m not saying that booklets are better then studio copies, I''m saying that the settings you find online aren''t nessessarly copied by the studio itself and massproduced by somebody else and selling them. It depends on who is selling them, too. Just don''t jump straight on the first set, since if they are mass produced by a individual you will find another set later on unless they cheap then why not go for them. Under $50. If you into collecting those that is.
What I am saying t

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though is above is that copies you find online aren''t always made by studio itself so the booklet is at least officially released by the company. Does that make sense? That''s the closest you can get with that if you into collecting those.
Copy settings in my eyes (please remember it''s my personal opinion) aren''t worth anything unless they directly from studio or ORIGINAL settings.
How can I explain something easier without getting later on a slap in face. hmm oh like for instance some settings (sorry wont say name) were sold on YJ and those were copies and a few weeks later the SAME exact shots from a setting came again online for sale on auction on YJ. So are they now in your eyes more valuable? To me that''s just again money making of certain people that selling those and copied themselfes those settings to sell. And some of those went high, even so if they would of waited more of those COPIES would of shown up and did and nobody bid on them so they took those offline. It''s all about money with settings unless they are REAL. Original production settings of course are a complete different idea of collecting. They are much more valuable. Now if you really into collecting production art then always make sure they either original sets or made copies by studio. Which is hard to proof of course since they don''t come with a letter saying they were made by studio since the studio wont even release those in first place.
Personally if you are out for collecting production art then go for original genga, douga, layouts and so on. Those are production art and have value in the eye of a collector. Of course they going to be going for higher prices, but they are original production art. Even so some of them are cheap, but the popular ones always going to go for higher prices.
Just think about it and make up your OWN mind about what YOU think is better to collect. ^_^

Oh, so you do know which series but just not what. Just think about it and make your mind up. There i

re: CG.. What to get? Hmmm...Sunday, October 29, 2006 - 1:12:43 PM

isn''t a rush, but just to say this if you do see original production sketches online meanwhile and you know they hard to come by and they affordable jump on them because sometimes you only have ONE chance.
I am kicking myself for a set of PeaceMaker kurogane sketches of my favorite character up to this day for not jumping on it. Nothing has shown up since. :(

Yeah sketches are being destroyed for newer anime sadly. Which makes it harder for a collector to collect production art. I just told myself if I can''t get it then I''m not going to worry about it anymore. (thanks to a friend of mine that made me realize that) and yes cels have been destroyed as well from older anime, too. There are some anime I would love to get my hands on production art, but since I can''t and non are out I just keep an eye out but I wont go crazy over not having any. I just enjoy collecting from the anime that I am able to collect from. ^_^

Oh good that you came down to 6 series now. I hope you find some in future in your price range. ^_^ Just collect cels or sketches whicheever you prefer. You the one that collects and enjoys it. It''s your hobby and your collection when it comes down to it right?!? Just make this hobby enjoyable for yourself and don''t let others ruin it. ^_^

anime-beta mentioned? me? @_@

Sorry again if anythign makes no sense just tell me. ^^;;

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;; I had no idea it came down to so many posts. sorry about that it kept cutting off what I copied and paste to this. ;;

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Yes you make sense. So the problem is that settei is prone to be mass produced and copied many times not by the studio but the seller who wants to make money off them. And you are right, the reason I am having a hard time buying settei is because I have no idea if they are from studio or not. Recently I bid on a Rurouni Kenshin settei and ask the seller if it was studio copies, they said yes but the price seems too low so I guess I am just getting them for the detail.

My friend says I’m a very impatient person so it’s a little hard for me to wait but I guess I have no choice. ^^* I know your pain about missing out. I passed on some Gintama hanken and now I worry I’ll not get any. ^^* I love PMK! Who is your favorite character by the way?

I guess I should also not worry about not having any. It is driving me nuts that I can’t even find sketches for some CG shows, nor can I find rilezu or any reproduction cel. My whole plan with collecting was, collect very few cels from each series I like and make sure my favorite character was there. I told myself that because I like too many shows and it would not be possible for me to collect many from each one, but now I think that is not a good idea because of availability. Maybe I should do like you and not worry about not having a certain show and just enjoy what I can get.

I am enjoying a lot in this hobby! I only splurge on Saitou ehhehehehe…. But I think this cel collecting is more enjoyable sometimes than other fandom communities, so I’m spending more time in the cel communities.

As for anime-beta I think I saw old posts of your friends there. I can’t remember well.

And no problem about the posts. I still do not know how to use this journal correctly. I wish they had a “reply” feature. ^__^