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Well I don’t know if I’m going about the right way of collecting cels. So far I’ve only bought cels from shows I really like except one or two where the factor for buying is because it’s a time period dealing with my Shinsengumi interest or a Shinsengumi related anime. Those I haven’t posted yet. I think the problem is I like too many shows and I want at least a cel of my favorite character from a show that I’ve liked and a hell of a lot more for shows I love. I don’t buy anything that just looks pretty… I don’t really think I have an “eye” for what’s considered beautiful in cel collecting and I don’t havea money tree. LOL. I buy mostly character and scenes I remember well but sometimes I just can’t afford them like *cough* Macross cels and to an extent RK. The bad thing is I love everything about Macross and RK. LOL… But yes I have been on the look out for shows I have liked in the past and been buying them if the price is “okay”. Now the whole reason I’m kind of wondering is I’ve seen people “thinning” down their collection so that they can focus on a show or theme… And they seem to have been at this collecting thing for a long time which makes me doubt whether I should be going for cels from various shows just because I liked them. I have no theme for one… And I can’t say I’d be happy with just focusing on RK, YYH, Macross, Daimos and Voltes V. *scratch head* I really enjoyed many other shows Marmalade Boy, Initial D, FY, MKR, etc. etc… And it’s not like I want a cel from every scene in the ones I really like. Mostly I just want a few cels, character or scene based. Ah well… As I’ve told my friend I shall take these cels with me to my grave… Well unless someone wanted to trade a very nice cel of wolfie-kun. LOL…
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There is no ''right'' or ''wrong'' way to collect. =P Buy what appeals to you, and the shows you like. That''s what matters. I think the ''themes'' just helps in focusing where to spend the money, or else a person could go wild buying everything that catches their eye. Personally, I have no theme, and even though I collect specific series and *try* to limit myself to them, I''d go crazy if I cut myself off from everything else. Like you, I like too many shows, so if I can get a piece from it, I''ll try. ^_^

I totally feel your pain about Macross and Kenshin though. >.<

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As Syan said , collect what gives you joy & pleasure for the only person your need to please is yourself. Just make certain not to press yourself into thinking this hobby is some kind of contest. As time passes you will find that what makes this hobby fun is the randomness of what each lick and collect for. So collect what you like but in doing so be smart to keep control for it''s easy to get caught up and find yourself short of funds if an unexpected expense occurs.

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I can''t add much to what the others have said. They have already given you, in my opinion, the best and truest advice -- stay true to your heart, collect what you love, and don''t get too caught up in the "contest" atmosphere this hobby can spawn. If you do that, I think you will build a collection that makes you happy for the long run. There are lots of us out here who have no theme to our galleries. I''m definitely one of them. In general, I limit myself to my "favorite" shows, and I tend to be a character collector (which is what draws me to particular shows, in the first place -- love of a certain character). But, really, there''s no rhyme or reason to my collection or gallery. For a while, I felt really bad about that. Like you, I wondered if I was doing something "wrong", collecting-wise -- because so many of the galleries I admired were more focussed in theme and scope. But, after some soul-searching and a lot of thinking about it, I realized I wasn''t doing anything wrong. I was doing what made me happy ... and that''s all right. Good luck in your cel hunting! ^.^

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I know I have a lot of pieces that some people scratch their heads and say, "Um, what were you thinking?" I was thinking that I liked it. If you like your collection, then that''s all that matters. Collect for yourself and no one else. ~_^

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Ditto on what everyone else has said. Plus, I really don''t think collectors who are thinning down their collections are doing it to focus, per se (though that may be their public reasoning, and maybe even what they are telling themselves). More than likely, their interests have changed, and so are selling off what they no longer love as well to buy something they want more. Nothing wrong with that. Older collectors get new stuff and other collectors get a crack at what they''ve had in their cel books for years. ^_^

Personally, I''ve sold off a few, but mainly I''ve been "upgrading" my collection--selling cheaper stuff to others and buying fewer and more expensive cels. Nothing wrong with that, either. If a certain cel doesn''t make you happy, you can pass it on to someone who will love it. ^_^

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Thanks all. Your response are very much appreciated and useful. Actually a friend did warn me in passing that it seems this hobby can develop competition/contest. I was surprised as it was the first time I''ve heard of it and even more surprised about the comment since she doesn''t collect cels. Mainly we collected doujinshi and there''s not much community with that and I''m very focused on one "subject" only. Quite different when it came to cel collecting. But I must say that this hobby has made me happier in the sense that I feel like most everyone I''ve met can appreciate a cel for what it is. I think that comes from mutual experiences, like *cough* hunting for cels, losing wishlists, waiting and the like. It''s actually quite different for example when dealing with questions such as "which is more important fiction or history?", "which pairing sucks?" "which characterization is out of character?" etc. etc. I don''t find those questions here and don''t see people argue over personal preferences as much. So yes I''m very happy to be here and just admire what other people have built while building my own. LOL... Also I think because it seems networking is important here, karma seems to count, it fosters a more friendlier atmosphere. Sometimes the anonimosity of the internet can be quite over-bearing. LOL. I think i went off topic. ^__^** But yes, thank you all. Quite happy with this new hobby.

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It''s best to go for some of the more expensive cels rather than buying too many cheapies. That''s something I regret doing.
The expensive ones will hold their value so you can get your money back if you sell them at a later stage.

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Thanks Krafty I''ll keep that in mind. So far I don''t plan to sell any cels, well that may change since sometimes I do get lots and unexpected ones. However I don''t really buy to sell for later.