Tetsujin 28 Anime Movie in 3/2007!!!
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Why is this news in my GR blog?

Good question! Let's start with a quick history lesson:

Back in early 1990's Yasuhiro Imagawa wanted to direct a new Tetsujin 28 OVA, but, for what ever reason, the studio said he could use any of Mitsuteru Yokoyama's other manga titles. So, in 1992 Imagawa unleashed to the anime world - <B>Giant Robo: <I>The Animation</I></B>, which wasn't so much an adaptation of the original manga, but a new story staring only the original duo of Daisaku and Giant Robo. The kicker was that the supporting cast of characters all came from other Yokoyama's work except the staring duo from Tetsujin 28 (though there are a few references).

12 years later Imagawa finally gets his wish and directs the 4th animated Tetsujin 28 TV series. This time he is much more faithful to the source material, but he does throw in a GR reference or two.

Still with me? Good ^_^;

2007 will be the year of the G-Robo cuz it's the 40th anniversary of the Original Giant Robo manga.
As I posted in a pervious blog entry, there will be new GR anime, but sadly Imagawa is not involved. But he is scripting one of the 2 new GR manga. That story has being serialized in Champion Red magazine.

After shelving the movie in September due to production troubles, it has now been reported that the movie will be released in theaters in March 2007!

So why should GR fans be excited?
Well, the OVA <B>GR <I>- The day the earth stood still</I></B> was only one chapter in the GR universe Imagawa had created. And in a couple of interviews Imagawa hinted that the other chapters may get the chance to be told, in one way or another. Many fans had hoped the Tetsujin 28 TV show would have been one way to get more GR story. But it seems that the movie could be one of these rumored GR chapters. See, this movie is a completely new story by Imagawa and the title is:

<B>Tetsujin 28:<I>&#30333;&#26172;&#12398;&#27531;&#26376;</I></B>

Many translation programs translate it to: pale morning moon at daylight.

But, as many GR fans know it can also be interperted as: Zangetsu the Midday! Which is a character from the OVA and is member of Big Fire's Magnificent 10! Many mysteries surround this character. In fact, one of the untold GR stories is called: <I>Birth of Zangetsu the Midday!</I>

Yeah, it's a lot of speculation at this point, and anything can happen, good or bad. But many GR fans feel that each new Imagawa project is one step closer to that final GR showdown between the Experts of Justice and Big Fire!! That's all we want, a little closure ^_^
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Hmmm...Interesting. I think i got all that. It sounds pretty Cool.