OMFG! New GR Manga & Anime!
last modified: Friday, August 18, 2006 (4:55:57 PM)
Yeah, there was a new manga a couple of years ago, which many hoped would spark a new anime. But the magazine folded after only after 3 issues and with it the hopes and dreams of many a GR fan.(one chapter did see print in the 3rd issue of Torauma Manga Magazine [Toramaga])
Imagawa's work on the new Tetsujin 28 TV series helped fill the void for classic Robot action. Which brings us to... G-ROBO!

(as of 7/25/06) According to a preview ad in the latest issue of Champion RED(チャンピオンRED) a new GR story will start in the October issue. The artist is Yasunari Toda, of s-CRY-ed and Gundam Seed Astray R manga fame. Imagawa's name is mentioned in the ad. Could this be one if his story arcs left over from the GR OVA?

Anyone know where one can find Champion Red(チャンピオンRED)? Any leads would be greatly appreciated - thanks ^_^

Now, close on the heels of this news, Softgarage launches this web site(8/06):
Announcing "In 2007 the 'Legend' will come out".
Is this anime related to the new/original manga, the OVA, or even the live action series? Is Imagawa and former staff involved? So many questions! Only time will tell...
To Be Continued...