Gratuitous Weblog Entry ^_^;
last modified: Friday, June 30, 2006 (3:56:54 PM)
Sorry, just couldn't help myself...wanted to see my new gallery link image. Be patient and don't 'blink' or you'll miss it!

I'll try to make this a more relevant entry...

Started to add the actual, corresponding screen grabs (Chujo,Hanzui,Shizuma, so far). A tedious process, yet very rewarding. I am a little disappointed that so many of my cels in my gallery are from the same episode...[sarcasm] I'd like to watch other episodes frame by frame, all night long ;P [/sarcasm] Anyway, I do like to see the individual cel vs. the final shot, becasue sometimes so much of the actual cel is not used and or seen. Granted, within the context of the actual animation much more is seen by way of zooming/panning, etc. Still, cels have this sort of intimacy that is only noticable when holding it in your hands...*blinks*...Ooo-kay...on that note..enough ramblings from a Newbie RS Curator...Enjoy!