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I've been quiet about AX --
last modified: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 (9:24:47 AM)
Mainly because I was voiceless most of the time. ~.~() On the Wednesday before I was to leave for CA, I woke up with inflamed sinuses and a sore throat. I wasn't sick, it was just a rather extreme allergic reaction to the fact the tons of rain we had been having (in Maryland) suddenly stopped and everything I'm allergic to bloomed with a passion. Ugg. Complicating matters was the very talkative seatmate I had on the plane trip out on Thursday. I had wanted to read a VHD novel during the 3 - 4 hours of the flight. Instead, I was trapped in inane strangers-on-a-plane conversation the whole time.

So, I woke up Friday -- voiceless. I have the best roommates in the world, since I'd manage to recover a croaking echo of my voice by the end of each day, cough (as quietly as I could, dashing to the bathroom to muffle it if I got into one of those convulsive coughing fits) through each night and wake up with no voice the next day.

I helped Crystal with her Artist Alley table, but, I need to know -- how is it that with only a weak, croaky-froggy voice I managed to help her sell so much? Must've been her wonderful artwork, selling itself! ^_~ *le sigh* Her talent is in painting. Mine is *alas* in mundane customer service/sales. Ah well. Selling art prints, calendars, buttons and lami cards covered in Crystal's amazing art is so much more fun than selling boring eyeglasses and contact lenses. At least there weren't any insurances to bill! :-p

I managed to land a couple of very nice pieces of production art; they are in the New Cels section of my gallery. Oh, and I got to meet some new RSers, as well as Midori (who's very sweet!) and Keigo (who is very nice!) in person. Michael, from the licensing department of Dark Horse, was gracious enough to speak with me, too; so I've a much better understanding of all the fascinating legal wrangling that goes on to bring us some of the titles from Japan (such as the VHD novels). All-in-all, though I had no voice most of the time, I had a wonderful con. A huge "Thank you!" goes to my wonderful, long-suffering roommates. ^_^ *hugs*
re: I''ve been quiet about AX --Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - 9:53:39 AM

I am so happy you had such a great time at the con (even though your poor voice did not *cries*). I am still so excited over your new gallery additions!! (Especially Aya ... <3 s Aya mucho. *ebil fangirl grin*) But, you know, that D sketch is so magnificent ... it just draws you in until you can''t stop staring at it.


Wait! What am I doing? I can''t just be clicking around in your gallery like this! What about Project Special Yue Cels? Argh!!! I''m weak, so weak. Aya ... *click* ... D ... *click* ... Nooo! Yue, I still love you, too!!! *clickclickclick* o.o

That''s it. I''m officially afraid of myself now. *ebilgrin*

re: I''ve been quiet about AX --Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - 5:38:13 PM

I was so very happy that you were able to make it to AX’06 this year, Kitt!!

I had hoped that this convention would have been wonderful, super time for you, but apparently your allergies seemed to have other plans. *boo* It was an extremely traumatic time for your roomies during the “Year Without Kitt,” *sniff* (not to mention, there was a whole portion of a gwapping Alaskan salmon left over without your help to devour it), so having any Kitt in the mix, even one with a slightly worn out voice, was better than having no Kitt at all. *hugs* Thanks for coming this year!

However, looking at the bright side, at least you didn’t have use sign language on the day that you completely lost your voice, although it did help that your roommates knew you enough to understand the essential basics of Kitt-Speak like: Dark Magician, Clow, Yue, mochi ice cream, and of course, the most important word of the day for this year’s AX …Ricola cough drops. I can’t wait to see the roomies again next year, and hopefully, we can add to the insanity that is the “Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse.”

P.S. ………….You know, Tex-chan, may just be on to something. This site is very addicting once you know the super secret address … *click*…”D”!!!….. *click*…”YUE”!!!… *click*…”EAGLE”!!….. *click**click*click* *clickity click*

re: I''ve been quiet about AX --Thursday, July 13, 2006 - 12:46:22 AM

Heh heh. Funny how much better sales were when you were manning the table. As soon as I came back the insanity took its Prozac. *snicker*

Riiiii-coooo-laaaaaaaaaaa!!!! XD