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Is it new? Or just buried in a dusty memory?
last modified: Thursday, October 26, 2006 (10:29:21 AM)
Digging through my celbooks recently, what with the renewing of the chomping obsession we call 'collecting', I've been quite stunned on more than one occasion.

Namely, the moment of '....I don't remember buying this cel.' But there it is, staring back up in its glorious state of plastic happy. Mocking me. Gloating at me. "Ha ha ha, I'm here, and now you're going to have to display me!"

...snarky little bastards, aren't they? XD

It's actually been a wonderful experience, revisiting my books. There were a few moments of 'I know I have that cel, where IS it?', but by far those were outweighed by 'when did I buy you? I'm so glad I did!'

It's also been very sobering to see just how little of my collection is actually scanned and up for view. Even on the old site, that was true. The cels I bought in my voyage to Japan three years ago have never seen a scanner, that I can tell.

...I have my work cut out for me. >D

The moments of realization have been good, though, seeing that my Tennimon and CCS collections especially were more extensive than I realized. And Yume's Reideen collection, wow. She has a lot more cels of that than I remembered.

(This blog entry is full of ramble, for I am writing it at work the day before I get a small vacation. Distractedness for the win!

Hitting post now. XD )
re: Is it new? Or just buried in a dusty memory?Thursday, October 26, 2006 - 1:34:35 PM

Eh, heh, heh ... I''m glad I''m not the only one who does that. It hasn''t happened to me with regard to my cel books (mainly because I''m a compulsive freak who looks at them almost every day. >.<) But, with regard to things in the gallery. Last time I had a gallery redo, I just "forgot" a couple of my Weiss cels. D''oh! And, the whole: "Ooooh! I have this? How neat!" phenomenon happens to me a lot with sketch sets ... because they are so big, and it''s hard to keep track of everything in the set.

Anyhow, I''m so glad you rediscovered the hobby! And, I cant'' wait to see more of your collection -- especially CCS and TnN. ^.^

I love the Reideen cels, too. I''ve never seen that show, but the artwork is so, so pretty!

re: Is it new? Or just buried in a dusty memory?Thursday, October 26, 2006 - 3:40:41 PM

Finding those stragglers is amazing! They usually come as freebies from various sellers and since you didn''t intentionally buy them, you don''t recall owning them.
If you mangae to find several Ghibli or Clamp cels amongst your ''unknowns'', there would be a lot of interested collectors wanting to be your friend ;)

re: Is it new? Or just buried in a dusty memory?Thursday, October 26, 2006 - 8:36:18 PM

yeah, i had that were did it go, then found it again. hate that.

so are the unseen pretties scanned and up? wanna see.

It''s Memorex!! ~_^Friday, October 27, 2006 - 8:17:53 AM

Well, I don''t think I''ve had that gleeful surprise yet, but I do have "snarky little bastards" galore. ~_^
Eagerly awaiting the rest of your harem!

re: Is it new? Or just buried in a dusty memory?Wednesday, November 01, 2006 - 10:40:40 AM

Thanks, everyone! I can''t say how much fun it''s been to rediscover my books and see just how much stuff I had. XD I think part of it is that I have so many unscanned things that I flat out forget if I haven''t glanced in that book in a while, and up until about a month ago it had been a LONG time since I''d cracked open any of the cel books. (I''m a little scared, in that I have even MORE unscanned sketches than cels, and I easily have a three-digit number of unscanned cels. ^^;;; )

On the subject of freebies, I''ve been pondering setting up a bonus cel exchange of some sort. There''s always a chance that my bonus cel may be something that another person wants very badly. Thoughts?