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Adding it to the list
last modified: Wednesday, January 04, 2012 (9:49:31 PM)
..Of things I hate about E-bay.

In the past month, I've noticed that E-bay's search logarithm changed. It used to be that if I typed something with the word 'anime', I'd get exactly that - Listings of anime goods with the word 'anime' included somewhere in their listings. This is how things *should* be.

But now, E-bay has decided to lump the word 'anime' with other words that include at least a few letters of this word. Thus, if I look something up like 'anime shirt', the engine registers it as wanting to find shirts with 'animals'. I now am bombarded with shirts full of lions, dolphin, and WWE wrestlers...and a Muppet named Animal.

If you type in 'anime cel', you not only get anything with an animal on it, but anything with the word 'animation'. So, instead of what you might hope will be a quick search of all anime cels, you're inudated with 10,000 animation items, most of which you, nor anyone else, really cares about (Charlie the Tuna cels, anyone?).

What idiot at E-bay came up with this? Were there sellers that said "My glittery dolphin shirt isn't selling! Maybe if E-bay lumps it with the word 'anime', some grandma in North Dakota will mistakingly think that it's the anime shirt her grandson will love."

It seems like I spend more time on E-bay trying to find the thing I'm looking for than actually reading the items, looking at shipping, and picking the right one for me. Perhaps this is E-bay's true intention. They know that by the time I go through 10 pages looking for what I want that I'll just give up and buy the glittery dolphin shirt solely because I'm tired of constantly looking at it when searching for things that I really want.

..I don't know. Is anyone else having this problem with E-bay?
re: Adding it to the listThursday, January 05, 2012 - 2:59:47 AM

Yeah, I noticed that too. Using "" fixes the problem though. So instead of anime cel, I''ve been typing "anime" cel. It''s a bit of a pain but at least there''s still a way to narrow it down I suppose...

re: Adding it to the listThursday, January 05, 2012 - 6:29:33 AM

I hadn''t noticed. I''ll have to take a look at this

re: Adding it to the listThursday, January 05, 2012 - 9:33:30 AM

It does it to me as well. You can also type "anime+cel" (no quotes) and that will bring up anime cel listings as well.

re: Adding it to the listThursday, January 05, 2012 - 11:40:44 AM

i dont have this problem maybe cause i look at catagorys

re: Adding it to the listThursday, January 05, 2012 - 1:17:07 PM

Thanks, everyone. I tried the suggestions and it really worked. Geez...who would have thought you would have to type the word into quotation marks to find what you''re looking for -_-''

re: Adding it to the listThursday, January 05, 2012 - 6:22:44 PM
Sui Kune

Oh lord, eBay''s fixing things that aren''t broken again? That sounds like a huge pain, I''ll remember that next time I search.

Meanwhile, YJ made things harder for me a while back by doing the exact opposite - in the past I could type in the kana for poke plus an additional term for the item, and I''d get results for both Pokemon and Pocket Monsters. (poke and mon with a space in between also worked that way.) Now I have to manually type Pokemon and Pocket Monsters, within ( ), and then the item term, to get the same results. Such a pain. Funny how something that''s convenient in Japanese is horrible in English, and vice versa.

re: Adding it to the listMonday, January 09, 2012 - 10:20:17 AM

eBay is just trying to create a more intelligent search engine, rather than a literal one, which is what they''ve had. Literal is great, but often is flawed, too. bulleta''s solution is the *correct* way to tell the search engine to only find items with both the words "anime" and "cel" in the title -- by using the logical "+" operator, you''re telling it to find the word "anime" plus the word "cel" ^_~. By the same token, you can also filter out unwanted results by using the "-" operator. Say you wanted to find all anime cels but not anything with "repro" in the title ... you would enter "anime+cel -repro" into the search box.