Entry 2.1
last modified: Thursday, March 10, 2005 (1:53:33 PM)
*This is just so you know that I’m reading what you’ve written*

Thank You Krafty, Lonelymountain, and E

I’m trying to decide whether I should try and redo everything, or just fix some problems.

I don’t know, I could be wrong, but I was going for a dated look, to try and match the dated look of most of my cels (Original Idea: RoboCop meets A.T. Votoms). If I start out with a dated look, I don’t have to worry that my gallery’s look will become dated.

But I’m a little conflicted because I collect what I like so, I have some cels from different genres of anime. I feel that most of my cels are sci-fi/monster/giant robot but I don’t know what the viewer thinks.

Sorry E, I think I’m going to keep the tin cans.

Side images:
I’ll look for the disk I saved my original files to before I compressed them to try and change the side images. I was worried at the time, and I’m still worried, that if I use images that aren’t as compressed I’ll limit the number of people who can visit my site to only those with DSL and Cable Modems.

Link Color:
Hope the followed link color is better. Originally I was thinking of having them as red and green but no matter how I mess with the colors, red and green always looks like Christmas.

Re: a simple look:
Although I like the idea, that by using very little graphics you’re able to enjoy the beauty of the cels more so than with graphics, When it’s used in practice I feel that something is missing. I could make the gallery look cleaner by only using solid colors (like white, Off white, silver and Black) but I don’t think that really takes into account the origin of the shows. Most of these cels were used in cartoons that feature robots and cockpits that contain millions of dials that seem to do nothing.

I toned down the color in the lower banner and the subpage banner. When I changed to black and white I felt it looked like an old photo, and I didn’t like it.

Why there are 4 cels per page:
I like using 4 scans per page, because all the images are next to each other. I feel this makes it easier for a viewer to see similarities between cel images, whether they’re from the same cartoon or different cartoons.

Cel Scans:
I can’t scan The Land Before Time cels they’re too big (This isn’t to imply that I don’t like the fact that they’re huge) but I’ll try to take better photos of them.

I don’t have the Guyver cels yet (evil mailman) but I plan on putting them up when I do.
re: Entry 2.1Thursday, July 14, 2005 - 11:44:24 PM

Glad you like your Masque cel Chris! All the best. Mark