Entry 1
last modified: Monday, February 28, 2005 (10:44:17 PM)
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Alright, I’m bored, and I don’t really have much of anything to do. My class isn’t meeting and I carpooled to college. So, I’m stuck here at the school Computer Lab, until 8:45, might as well see if this works. Be warned, my existence is dull and boring.

The collection:
The most viewed cel on my site is the Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer cel. It has 115 hits.
The second most viewed cel is a tie between Teknoman02 and DBGT 004 both with 67 hits.

Daily Musings/My weekend:

I tried to watch the Oscars, because I wanted to see Downfall lose for best foreign film. Unfortunately I fell asleep before foreign films were mentioned. Even though I didn’t see it lose, I’m glad it lost because I hate it.

On Saturday, I went to the theatre knowing nothing about Downfall. Well except that it was about the Nazis at the end of the 3rd Reich, and that it was up for best foreign film. The movie starts with a sound clip, I immediately thought to myself “Wait a minute, I know this, I’ve seen this, it’s that documentary about Hitler’s Secretary.” Next the picture appears and you see a group of women being lead into Hitler’s Bunker. The camera paned across the different women until it came to one who looked a whole lot better than any of the other ones. I thought to myself “Oh no, it’s a dramatic reenactment of Hitler’s Secretary, and gee let me guess that’s Junge.”

The rest of the movie was a dramatic reenactment of sections of Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary, except I guess the film maker got bored with her, so, they added a friendly SS doctor, and a blonde kid (who happened to have a friend that looked like Heidi in Nazi garb). It was sentimental crap; explosions, a musical score made up almost entirely of string instruments, and lots of war meetings with people yelling at each other.

Bruno Ganz was great as Hitler, but it was for nothing because there weren’t any identifiable people in the movie. They were all clichés, or maybe I should use the term symbols because the movie was supposed to be a serious flick.

Don’t watch Downfall, watch Blind Spot.
Blind Spot was a great documentary because it’s a person telling their story, looking back on their past. As she spoke her story changed, because she had to keep adding excuses and apologies about how she was wrong to try and explain how she actually felt at the end of the 3rd Reich. During the film, she knows that she isn’t a bad person, but she doesn’t want to say that at the time she felt that Hitler wasn’t that bad of a guy, because although she saw him as an eccentric friendly guy, she knows now he was really a maniac. It clearly portrays how gullible people are when faced with someone who truly believes in what they’re saying. After watching it, you might even question what you believe to be right.

Favorite Pizza Toppings:
Pepperoni, Pineapple, and Canadian Bacon
re: Entry 1Tuesday, March 08, 2005 - 7:40:00 PM

Come out of the darkness and into the light, Darth Vader =).. Can the animated gifs and blurry tin-can-banners and frames-- it looks too early 90''s retro-star wars.. I think that you have so much stuff, that it feels buried somehow beneath the other stuff and contraptions. Lose the black facade--which is a distraction from your cels. One thing someone taught me is that if your anime cel site is overwhelmed by its own page, the gallery will not be seen, as it should be. Just my honest take on the design.. of course not the cels. Peace and may the force be with you! j/k.. of course.