last modified: Saturday, December 04, 2010 (1:52:33 PM)
Last night, or really very early this morning, I saw the LAAF midnight showing of Takeshi Koike’s fast and furious “Redline”.

Set in the distant future, the movie follows --at lightening speed-- our hero and protagonist, “JP”. It starts as he’s racing down the track in his souped-up, futuristic/mid-1970s style Trans Am on the alien, aired, desert world of the Yellowline qualifying race for the intergalactic race/demolition derby: Redline. Helped by his longtime friends: multi-armed mechanic, “Old Man” Mogura, and his best bud from the slums, the shady, car designer with gangster ties, “Frisbee”; JP will remove all doubt that he’s number one, and snag the buxom, shown-topless-while-eating-cherry-tomatoes girl of his dreams, Sonoshee.

Redline wears its engine above its hood, and its heart on its sleeve. It has the fast, fun, innocent charm of someone who wants to show you his cool hero, drivin’ a killer car, getting a hot-babe, and taking on cyborgs, monsters, and … satellite death rays. Seven-years in the making, with retro-tastic, hyper-realistic, hand-drawn action animation, and clocking in at about 90 mind-blowing minutes; Redline is one mean, lean, badass, machine!

If you’re in LA, I’d highly recommend catching the Sunday, December 5th, 6:30pm showing at the, not so silent, Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax.