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Err on the Side of Action
last modified: Saturday, March 11, 2006 (4:09:53 PM)
New cels are slowly getting added to the gallery. Over the last fortnight there's been Cyber City, Bastard!!, Street Fighter Alpha, Jungle De Ikou and Kite.
I'll finish up the Jungle De Ikou ones [x9] then will have a go at either Guyver, Dangaioh, Septum Charm or Obscene Beast Teacher.

It's too overwhelming to concentrate on the other series I haven't even begun scanning/organising yet. Stuff like Otogi Zoushi, Samurai Champloo, Akira, Fist of the North Star. They can sit in Cel Books/storage for a while longer, *heh*.

I'm keeping back a lot of my settei but there's a nice VHD Bloodlust copy storyboard of the Opening which is screaming for attention. That movie will need its own settei section.

Next month I hope to make a shipping request on my items held with a deputy. It's been about 5 months since my last shipment so it's built up to over 70 lots now.
Fortunately I'm getting a GB£400 [US$650] bonus from work at the end of April so after tax/national insurance deductions I may see £300 of that. It'll cover shipping costs from the deputy to me. I'm guessing that shipping will be US$250-300 so that's most of the 'bonus' gone...

In other good news I'll soon be working full-time, which has been 4 years in the making. My current contract hours are 32 a week and I'm usually working 10-30 hours overtime a week to pay for artwork etc.
This week I clocked up 20 hours overtime but working 6 days a week gets a little disheartening.

It's 21:30 now on a Saturday night and I'd usually be out socialising and having a couple of drinks, but I have no cash and feel tired.
I'm in front of the computer writing this nonsense instead... LOL

Having this time away from the usual routine is not bad; I rewatched the anime "AD Police" which was brought to my attention on a forum thread today.
It's a great little 'old-skool' series of 3 short stories based on the Bubblegum Crisis themes and I forgot that the American cast in this are the same as in my fave series- Cyber City OEDO 808!! I class that anime as the best English dub of all time.

Time is precious. Rather than talking about what I'll do, I'll just go ahead and do it. Mustn't waste the weekend! :)

On a brief philosophical note [I do a lot of thinking], one should go ahead and participate in a lot of things and interact with a lot of people.

Err on the side of 'action'.

It'll make you a better person on a whole number of levels.
You regret the things you don't do, rather than the things you do do.
re: Err on the Side of ActionSaturday, March 11, 2006 - 5:23:45 PM

Yep. Even if you only put in 40 hours a week, but it''s spread out over six days, you just don''t seem to have the same amount of time to yourself. Things get left undone. You feel cheated somehow out of time and energy. And the weekend is but a mystery that flits by too fast for you to focus on it. ><